Venture Global Calcasieu Pass announces arrival of first factory-fabricated liquefaction trains

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first_imgThe two midscale, modular liquefaction trains and mixed refrigerant compressor skids were shipped to Louisiana from Baker Hughes’s manufacturing facility in Avenza, Italy (Credit: PRNewsfoto/Venture Global LNG) Venture Global LNG, Inc. is proud to announce the successful arrival of the first two liquefaction trains at the company’s Calcasieu Pass LNG export facility in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.  The delivery of the highly optimized 0.6 MTPA LNG trains, fabricated in factories, less than 15 months after the project’s final investment decision represents not only a major project milestone but also a step-change in LNG construction.The two midscale, modular liquefaction trains and mixed refrigerant compressor skids were shipped to Louisiana from Baker Hughes’s manufacturing facility in Avenza, Italy more than two months ahead of the contractual delivery date.  Each train, delivered complete and ready to install, was successfully unloaded, transported onto the Calcasieu Pass site and positioned on its foundations in less than a day.  The first and second of the project’s eighteen identical trains will now be connected to their respective Chart brazed aluminum heat exchangers, or cold boxes, eight of which are already installed on site.Mike Sabel, Executive Co-Chairman and CEO stated, “Venture Global LNG is proud to demonstrate continued execution of the strategy we pioneered.  Our factory-fabricated, modular liquefaction trains enable us to deliver the fastest construction schedule in the LNG industry while driving dramatic risk reductions across the entire project.  We look forward to the successful delivery of Calcasieu Pass trains 3 through 18 and then 36 identical trains for Plaquemines LNG.”Executive Co-Chairman Bob Pender added, “The completion and delivery of our first two liquefaction modules demonstrates the first-class execution and collaboration inherent in our long-term relationship with Baker Hughes.  Despite the effects of COVID-19 and multiple Gulf Coast hurricanes, we will now begin installing these trains ahead of the contracted schedule.  This is a leap forward in LNG infrastructure development.” Source: Company Press Releaselast_img read more

When mama knows best?

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first_imgIn any family business, the occasional rift is bound to occur. With such close-knit units, familiarity can sometimes breed contempt.But if you are going to have a feud, then at least do it properly! In Spain, control of 100-year-old Spanish biscuit firm Galletas Gullón, has just been wrested back by matriarch María Teresa Rodríguez from her three sons and two brothers. Having found herself locked out of company HQ, mama promptly called a board meeting in a Mercedes in the company car park. The meeting, convened with people allegedly controlling an 80% shareholding in the firm, saw Rodríguez appointed as sole administrator. But as the sons and brothers have refused to recognise the validity of the meeting, this particular dynastic saga could run and run.last_img read more

Kaak establishes one-stop bakeware shop in UK

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first_imgBakery equipment manufacturer The Kaak Group has expanded in the UK following the acquisition from Aktrion Foods of its tin cleaning and coating division by Benier UK. The new company, Kaak Bakeware (UK), means that Kaak Group now offers a comprehensive bakeware service in the UK.Kaak Bakeware specialises in the design and installation of trays and moulds for the production of baked goods. It claims the new cleaning, re-coating and refurbishing service gives UK customers a local one-stop shop for design, installation and maintenance.The new service covers a range of bread tins, baguette and pizza trays, muffin trays and cake tins. The company also offers a repair service – including welding – along with silicone glazing for new tins and trays prior to bakery use.The refurbishment programme includes cleaning and de-carbonising, straightening and re-block/re-weld as required and re-glazing. Additional services include collection and delivery and batch history analysis via batch colour or bar coding.Benier (UK) managing director David Marsh has also been appointed managing director at Kaak Bakeware (UK), along with new general manager Nicola Harris. The business will continue to operate from Dudley in the West Midlands while Benier UK’s head office will remain based in Milton Keynes.Marsh said: “We are now able to combine a complete in-house service, providing not only new bakeware but cleaning and re-coating from a UK base. It’s the ideal one-stop shop for our bakery customer. The transition has been very smooth without any disruption to existing customer service.”Kaak Bakeware UK employs 18 people and the takeover has not caused job losses.last_img read more

McGriff Wins Award.

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first_imgEddie McGriff Decatur County Extension Agent D. Eddie McGriff will receive the prestigious D.W.Brooks Award for Excellence in Public Service for county extension programming Oct. 2 inAthens, Ga.McGriff was cited for his leadership in one of the most agriculturally diverse countiesin the Southeast. In 1999, farm income in Decatur County was more than $170 million, withan economic impact of almost a half billion. He has been recognized as a leader in cottoneducation and is the only Georgia county agent to receive the Cotton Foundation’s CottonExtension Award recognizing the nation’s top county agent.McGriff’s reputation reaches beyond the United States. He has led peanut tours inAustralia and Argentina and has been consulted about peanut production problems in thosecountries, as well as in Mexico and Azerbaijan. He was part of a team of agriculturalagronomists and economists that helped during the North Korean famine.Nationally Known for Media WorkMcGriff’s media work has also earned him national recognition. His weekly newspapercolumn won first-place honors from the National Association of County Agricultural Agents,and the state organization has awarded him 13 awards in publications awards categories. Heworked with the local newspaper to develop a 16-page annual agriculture review andforecast that has been distributed statewide. He also hosts a daily radio program thatupdates county farmers on the latest agricultural news and publishes seven commoditynewsletters.Besides his contributions to the county as an Extension Service agent, McGriff is alsoa community service volunteer. He is an active member of the Decatur County Chamber ofCommerce, Council for the Arts, Council for Troubled Children, County Emergency Board andKiwanis Club. He serves as a deacon and Sunday school teacher for Bainbridge First BaptistChurch.D.W. Brooks Awards, LectureThe annual Brooks awards are presented to UGA College of Agricultural and EnvironmentalSciences faculty who excel in teaching, research, extension and international agriculture.The awards include a framed certificate and a $5,000 cash award. Other honorees this yearare: Steve L. Brown, for excellence in Extension programming; Michael Dirr, teaching; JohnRuter, research; and Manjeet Chinnan, international agriculture.Before the awards ceremony, William F. Kirk, vice president of DuPont BiosolutionsEnterprise, will deliver the D.W. Brooks Lecture: “The 21st Century — AnAgribusiness Odyssey.”The lecture and awards are named for the late D.W. Brooks, founder and chairmanemeritus of Gold Kist, Inc., and founder of Cotton States Mutual Insurance Companies.Brooks was an advisor on agriculture and trade issues to seven U.S. presidents.last_img read more

Vermont PSB rejects FairPoint bankruptcy plan

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first_img‘After careful consideration of FairPoint’s requests, the Board concludes that FairPoint has not demonstrated that the approvals would promote the general good of the state. Specifically, based upon the record before us, we cannot find that FairPoint has demonstrated the financial capability to meet its obligations under Vermont law and its CPG as a telecommunications carrier.‘Under the Reorganization Plan, FairPoint would substantially reduce its debt levels. These reduced debt levels could be expected to materially reduce FairPoint’s expenses relative to the levels that the Company faced prior to bankruptcy and represent a major benefit of the Plan. FairPoint has presented financial projections that indicate the Company can meet its obligations under the new debt agreements and substantially improve its financial performance. These projections, however, are based upon the assumption that FairPoint’s losses in local revenue due to competition will be less than the Company has experienced recently, that it can increase revenues from broadband services and special access services faster than it has recently, and that operating costs will trend downwards relative to recent experience. FairPoint has not demonstrated that these assumptions are reasonable. If we assume that the recent past is a reasonable indicator of trends in the telecommunications industry, rather than accept projections that assume substantial improvement on that past, FairPoint’s projections suggest that the Company may not be able to meet its debt covenants as early as 2011.‘These analyses raise the same concerns that caused us to reject FairPoint’s original petition seeking approval to acquire Verizon’s northern New England service territories. At that time, the Board found that FairPoint had not demonstrated that its assumption of 6% access line losses was reasonable; after incorporating a 10% figure, the Board found that FairPoint might fail its covenants, leading to the conclusion that FairPoint had not demonstrated financial soundness. Experience proved that even the alternative, 10%, figure was conservative. We approved a revised transaction only after FairPoint restructured its arrangement in a way that effectively reduced its debt obligations.‘We have the same concern here. We understand that the risk of financial failure rests most directly upon the new owners of FairPoint (the previous bank debt holders and their successors). However, the possibility of future financial difficulties affect Vermont ratepayers in several ways. First, as part of the Regulatory Settlement, ratepayers are asked to forego a substantial refund that they are owed by FairPoint for the substandard service quality they have received since cutover. Second, a major benefit that FairPoint promised as part of its acquisition and continues to put forward here is the expansion of broadband services in Vermont, both through serving new areas and by increasing bandwidth. If FairPoint faces financial difficulties, its ability to fulfill these commitments may be diminished. Moreover, under the Reorganization Plan, broadband expansion in some presently unserved areas would be delayed by six months (and for some customers, longer). Ratepayers should not be asked to accept these concessions if FairPoint has not demonstrated that it can prosper, that it can provide service quality consistent with its commitments in Docket No. 7270, and that it will not face more financial stress in the next several years.‘It is, therefore, in the best interest of both ratepayers to ensure that FairPoint emerge from bankruptcy protection on a firm financial footing. We are convinced that it is also in the best interest of FairPoint and its new owners. FairPoint faces competition from a variety of sources including cable and wireless carriers. To compete, FairPoint will need to have the resources to expand broadband availability and bandwidth, roll out new products and bundles, and offer high-quality service. A FairPoint that may be close to defaulting on its debt covenants may be constrained in its ability to meet these obligations.‘FairPoint has made significant strides towards fixing its systems. Its retail service quality is nearing the point where it would fully comply with the service quality standards that govern it ‘ an accomplishment that Verizon was unable (or unwilling) to achieve. Wholesale service quality still lags well behind pre-cutover performance substantially, but is improving. FairPoint has also deployed its new VantagePoint network, under which it will offer higher broadband speeds. These trends offer the prospect that FairPoint can meet the expectations for quality service we had when we approved its acquisition of Verizon’s wireline business.‘Financial difficulties could imperil these benefits. FairPoint bears the burden of demonstrating either that its assumptions are reasonable or that it will be financially sound over a range of reasonable assumptions. It has not done so. FairPoint has provided virtually no explanation as to why its projections are reasonable. In fact, FairPoint’s testimony and exhibits do not even specifically reference the assumptions that it employed in developing its financial models ‘ only the Department’s testimony filed just before hearings laid out this information. FairPoint also has not demonstrated why its assumptions, which vary materially from past performance, should be considered reasonable ‘ we have only generalized assertions that the Company expects to reduce operating costs, increase sales of other services, and reduce the declines in local service revenues. For these reasons, we conclude that FairPoint has not demonstrated that approval of the transactions would promote the general good.‘Although we cannot grant the approvals based upon the evidence before us, we would welcome a new proposal that addresses our concerns. FairPoint could restructure its financial arrangements to reduce its debt obligations such that it can meet its debt covenants over a range of reasonable scenarios. In defining the range of reasonable scenarios, FairPoint must provide justification for its projections. The Board is prepared to consider a renewed request from FairPoint expeditiously.’Source: Vermont Public Service Board. June 28, 2010 The Vermont Public Service Board rejected yesterday the Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring plan put forth by FairPoint Communications. The board simply did not believe what it considered overly optimistic revenue projections. It also rejected the idea that previously agreed to broadband expansion should be put off another six months, that penalties incurred over service problems should be forgiven and that service quality had returned to a level close enough to what it was when Verizon owned the system.The PSB’s order stated: ‘After careful consideration of FairPoint’s requests, the Board concludes that FairPoint has not demonstrated that the approvals would promote the general good of the state. Specifically, based upon the record before us, we cannot find that FairPoint has demonstrated the financial capability to meet its obligations under Vermont law and its CPG (Certificate of Public Good) as a telecommunications carrier.’The PSB said in its order that it believes FairPoint could win approval from the board for a restructuring, but would need to come back to the board with a more suitable plan. The PSB did praise FairPoint in making substantial gains in service quality since it bought Verizon’s landline telecommunications business in the three northern New England states in March 2008.Meanwhile, regulators in Maine approved, in a split vote, the restructuring plan last week (STORY). New Hampshire regulators have yet to rule. All three states would need to approve the plan. Whether FairPoint would need to re-file in all three states, or just in Vermont, is unclear.FairPoint filed for bankruptcy protection in October 2009 and hoped to emerge from it sometime this fall. The PSB noted that the debt relief the restructuring would provide would make a substantial difference in the company’s finances going forward. But even with that, the plan put forth would not be in the best interest of either Vermont or even FairPoint itself.Under the plan, the debt would be reduced by $1.7 billion dollars and turn most of the ownership of the company over to debt holders. Delaying deployment of broadband service for another six months would also save money. Ratepayers would also forego $12 million in penalties incurred because of the service problems. The PSB acknowledged all those changes would save the company substantially on the expense side. However, the PSB said that the revenue growth projections were unclear, especially given the increasing competition from other telecommunications providers, including cable and wireless.What many observers feared about a small North Carolina telephone company buying such a large and eroding service area quickly appeared to have come to fruition. The initial transaction called for Verizon to sell its landline business in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine to FairPoint for $2.7 billion. Regulators initially rejected the sale in late 2007 and the parties came back with a $2.3 billion offer, which was eventually accepted. Indeed, the current debt has swelled to $2.7 billion.Along with concerns over the total pricetag for a diminishing industry and the subsequent debt load for such a small company, skeptics questioned whether service quality would suffer. When FairPoint eventually cut over from the Verizon system in February 2009, customers encountered a myriad of problems from unanswered service calls, to errors in billing to loss of email. The PSB noted that FairPoint has made substantial gains in service, but that it is still not to the level that Verizon left it.This is also something of a blow to the Douglas Administration which supported the restructuring. The Department of Public Service, which represents ratepayers before the PSB, had also offered financial information to justify FairPoint’s position.The PSB Final Order, Docket 7599, dated June 28,2010, can be found at: is external)The ruling reads in part:last_img read more

3 steps to supporting a bright future for credit unions

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first_imgFor seven years running, the CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec challenge has been making a positive difference in the professional lives of the young credit union professionals (non-CEOs, age 35 and under) who take it on. Participating means blogging with text and video and—for those who make it to the Final Five—presenting live at CEO/Executive Team Network—about a project they’re leading at their credit unions.One way the contest supports a bright future for credit unions is by underscoring for these rising stars the idea they can excel in their work at credit unions. For example, 2014 winner Alex Castley, CHRP, talent acquisition/development manager at $1.3 billion Integris Credit Union, Prince George, British Columbia, said:“Being named the winner has given me a huge boost, both personally and professionally. It validated the work we are doing at my credit union, and gave a shot of confidence to all of us.”Another positive impact of the competition is that winners receive the prize of attendance at two segments of world-class CEO Institute. This is a great opportunity for them to develop as leaders and puts them on the path of earning the well-respected Certified Chief Executive designation. In some cases, the CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec experience is what puts the possibility of being a top leader in the credit union industry on the radar of these young professionals.For example, 2011 winner Devin Selte, CCE, now senior manager of member experience at $14 billion Servus Credit Union in Edmonton, Alberta, said: “Because of this competition and going on to achieve my CCE designation (by attending the three segments of CEO Institute and completing the between segments projects), I have set forth a future goal of becoming a CEO in the credit union movement. The CCE designation will definitely assist me in working toward reaching that goal.”In addition, each year’s Finalists get to meet both their competition peers and longtime credit union leaders when they present at CEO/Executive Team Network. “Winning the competition has expanded my network exponentially and allowed me to learn from credit union leaders across the country,” says 2016 winner Jimese Harkley, CUDE, who was philanthropy and community relations manager with $1.4 billion America’s First Federal Credit Union, Birmingham, Ala., when she won and now is stewardship/development director for Filene Research Institute, Madison, Wis.Notably, the contest does not just benefit the winners. Participant blogs clearly demonstrate the energy all the entrants have gotten from the experience of vying to be the CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec. The Top 15 also receive a remote executive coaching session from challenge sponsor DDJ Myers, a CUES Supplier member and strategic provider based in Phoenix.As I write this column, the five 2016 Finalists have been named. Already more than 5,700 votes have been cast up to this point in the contest this year—up almost 60 percent over last year’s vote tally. And it’s not over yet. You can still be a part of the positive impact this year’s competition will make by taking the following three steps:Get to know the 5 Finalists.Watch the live stream of the final presentations at CEO/Executive Team Network on Oct. 24—or see them in person by attending the event in Savannah, Ga.Vote. Voting will open at approximately 3 p.m. Eastern time on Oct. 24, and end at 5 p.m. Eastern time on Oct. 25.Be sure to mark your calendars and plan to vote. By doing so, you’ll support credit unions’ bright future. 30SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,John Pembroke Since joining CUES in March 2013, John Pembroke has played a leadership role in developing and launching a new direction in CUES’ strategy, branding and culture. Under his guidance, CUES … Web: Detailslast_img read more

The story behind the new destination portal of Istrian tourism

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first_imgToday, cooperation with various influencers is becoming increasingly important in the digital strategy, and the Tourist Board of Istria was the first to implement such a story, through the #ShareIstria project, which has been bringing influencers to its destination for four years. The website includes many service providers in tourism, and by clicking on one of the products, the website provides a handful of information all the way to the final information, which is direct contact with the provider. However, as new service providers are constantly appearing, and all those service providers that are not currently on the web, the Istria Tourist Board invites everyone to contact them and send information about the product or service in order to fit their offer into the new website. Specialized pages of the Tourist Board of Istria The main focus is no longer on b2b information, but exclusively on the user / tourists and the sale of experiences and stories. And as it is imperative today to follow new digital trends, the Tourist Board of the Istrian County has made a redesign of the website since 2019, which has undergone a total turnaround in the approach to the promotion of Istria as our main tourist destination. As I have already written about new website, now I bring a little more detail of how the whole project was conceived. Thus, in 2018, the website was visited by 1.251.852 (2% more than in the previous year) uniqe users, with a total of 1.929.724 sessions and 6.411.742 page views. The results of the campaign are more than excellent. Thus, over 3.81 billion impressions were generated, and an average of 43 million content impressions with the hashtag #ShareIstria on a daily basis during the campaign. The campaign had a reach of 384 million users (the year before 254 million), and the reach of content with the hashtag #ShareIstria on a daily basis during the campaign was 4.4 million. As I mentioned above, the new website is dedicated to the guest, so according to the development guidelines, the content on the page must arouse emotions in the visitor with the key goal of creating a desire to visit, and the primary focus of the page is on “storytelling”. in the charm of Istria. Also, the focus of the content is primarily visual, but shown through a structured “funnel” of visitors, and elements of a personalized approach are provided. The #ShareIstria project in 2019 introduces some innovations Thus, the #ShareIstria campaign in the 2018 edition brought 28 influencers to Istria, and included 8 weeks during which guests discovered Istria and its contents. Each author had the opportunity to publish posts about Istria on their social media profiles for a total of 21 days from arrival at the destination. But apart from reach, one of the most important factors is interaction. Thus, 3.8 million likes were achieved, and an average of 30.500 likes were created on the content with the hashtag #ShareIstria on a daily basis during the campaign, while the best interaction on a daily basis was 225.000 likes in one day.center_img As Denis Ivošević, director of the Istria Tourist Board, points out, the new digital platform unites all destinations in Istria and all products and experiences in Istria, not only through the web but also through the entire platform of social networks and channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel, etc.) , and shows the offer of all tourist boards in Istria. “The website is designed and engineered in such a way that the user can access the information or get inspired both from top to bottom and vice versa. What does that mean? This means that if someone is looking for something in Rovinj, automatically through search engines comes to the destination page of Rovinj which is part of the destination of ancient Istria or vice versa, the user may be interested in Istria in general, so the user through interest filters ‘descends’ to Rovinj or gourmet information product. This is exactly what the digital strategy was intended to achieve. “ Ivošević points out and adds that the trend of increasing the number of users who access the destination portal from mobile devices continues. In the case of the mentioned website, 62% of users access it via mobile phones. “Users want to get the requested information quickly and efficiently, and precisely because of this fact, this new destination portal is designed to be ‘user friendly’ (faster, more intuitive and easier to access information) just for the growing number of users accessing from mobile devices.. ” Ivošević emphasizes. Web page has long been positioned as the main online destination platform for Istrian tourism. And concrete figures speak for themselves. One of the novelties of the new website is definitely the category MyIstria, which serves as a travel planner. Thus, each article has the possibility to be marked and dragged into a kind of basket, thus obtaining a personalized planner. Also, there is a kind of aggregator that through the initial two options (Sport or leisure) leads further to different subcategories or style of discovering Istria. “Travel planner allows users to independently create a program (itinerary), save it and share it with friends, family… For some time now, the ‘chat’ option has been in function, through which the web user can communicate with agents in real time. contact center. In addition to the telephone, this is an additional option through which users can obtain information of interest from agents at any time. ” Ivošević points out. As they point out from the Tourist Board of Istria, the new destination portal is a centralized “online place of Istria”, ie a regional portal from which visually and content-wise harmonized local pages branch off. At the level of Istria, the site has the primary task of inspiring visitors to come to Istria (through strong and visually attractive media content – photo / video), while at the local level the primary task is information. The strategic goals of the new online platform are to position as a central place for inspiring users in the phase of daydreaming and deciding on choosing a vacation in Istria, and to position the site as an informative guide for users within the destination. Also, the goal is to provide a simple upsell of special offers and arrangements through the “affiliate” program and to ensure the standardization of content quality at the regional and local community level. As in previous years, the operational editing of the destination web portal and social networks is done by IRTA (Istrian Development Tourist Agency) on behalf of the Istria County Tourist Board, which leads and financed the development of a new destination portal based on the new Digital Strategy. For the new Share Istria campaign, Ivošević is also announcing some news, such as bringing in celebrity influencers. “For the new edition, we will bring to the destination successful and popular bloggers, photographers and travel writers, better known as travel influencers, with a simple goal: to promote Istria worldwide with the best tourism ambassadors of today. This year we will try to bring a few celebrity influencers who we will try to integrate into the daily life of our partners vin .winery, oilmen hoteliers, hunters, guides so that they experience the daily life of our people, to experience how much effort and knowledge and skills it takes to make one super product, which they promote with a photo and a mini text. In this way, we want to give added value to our producers, and influencers, to feel first-hand the effort and sacrifice invested to produce top quality. Given the complexity of the project, we will shorten the duration of the project depending on how many celebrity influencers we manage to hire”Ivošević pointed out. RELATED NEWS: “As the new destination portal was released online only on January 01.01, it will take a few more months for it to be optimized in all its parts. It is necessary to say that the creation of such a wide digital platform is an extremely complex job.”Ivošević concludes. Denis Ivošević, TZ Istra: The new website is designed and conceived in such a way that the user can access information or get inspired from top to bottom and vice versa.last_img read more

HBOR: Extended deadline for applying for working capital for SMEs in tourism

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first_imgAll requests with the corresponding prescribed documentation received as of this date will be put into regular processing and, in the case of a positive decision, will be approved under the existing conditions of the lending program, HBOR points out. HBOR has so far received 325 applications from small and medium-sized enterprises in tourism for loan approval under this program. We would like to remind you that the Ministry of Tourism has provided HRK 26 million to subsidize the interest rate of up to two percentage points for lending to liquidity of entrepreneurs in tourism activities under the COVID – 19 Measure, thus making up to HRK 600 million of favorable loans for jobs and liquidity.center_img Due to the great interest of entrepreneurs, and limited subsidy funds, HBOR will receive applications for loans under the Working capital program for SMEs in tourism (Measure COVID – 19) until June 5, 2020. last_img read more

Privates on parade

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Preemployment card program helps boost financial inclusion: Director

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first_imgShe added that 76 percent of the recipients chose an e-wallet as their preferred means of receiving the incentive. Recent data also show that in total, there are around 4 million preemployment card recipients who have an e-wallet account.Recently, the government added e-wallet DANA as one of its partners in disbursing preemployment cash assistance to participants, alongside other platforms such as GoPay, OVO and LinkAja.“With the addition of DANA, we are giving the [preemployment card] recipients more e-wallet options to use as an incentive channel,” Denni said.With an economy contracting 5.32 percent year-on-year (yoy) in the second quarter, the government is confronted with job losses nationwide. Around 3.7 million individuals have lost their jobs so far this year due to the pandemic, according to data from the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), a number that is expected to hit around 10 million by the end of the year.With a budget of Rp 20 trillion (US$1.3 billion), the preemployment card program is aimed at combining social assistance with upskilling for people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, including workers and small business owners. It offers monthly assistance of Rp 3.5 million for four months to cover training costs and cash benefits.Read also: Preemployment card program resumes, prioritizing pandemic-hit workersThe government is currently aiming to cover 5.6 million eligible preemployment recipients by October.Denni stated that the recipients of the program had been on target, with most being 18-35-year-olds, unemployed or working in the informal sector, and had not received any training prior.The committee’s recent survey also showed that 11 percent of the 1.2 million preemployment card program incentive recipients found a job after finishing the program, mostly as small and medium entrepreneurs.Indonesian E-commerce Association (IdEA) chairman Bima Laga said one of the most popular training topics among the government’s e-commerce partner for the program was entrepreneurship.“The use of e-commerce for the program also boosts financial and digital inclusivity as people have to board online platforms to join,” he said. (eyc) The government’s preemployment card program has prompted 728,000 underbanked people to board e-wallet platforms and create a bank account for the first time, hence aiding financial inclusion in the country, the program director has said.Preemployment program executive director Denni P. Purbasari said that currently, there were 5.59 million preemployment card recipients across the country, from 36.6 million online registrants.“Before joining the preemployment program, 13 percent [of the recipients] did not have an e-wallet or access to the bank, now they do. This 13 percent amounts to around 728,000 people,” Denni said during a press briefing on Wednesday.center_img Topics :last_img read more