Good pharmacist project and proprietary business conflict Jingdong returned Kyushu

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Jingdong mall and Kyushu pharmaceutical electricity supplier project – a good pharmacist network to break up the marriage ended. This strong cooperation between the two years ago, the cross-border cooperation has been high hopes for the market. However, after breaking up on the project, the two sides continue to cooperate in the pharmaceutical electricity supplier business continues.

July 27th, Kyushu Tong (600998, SH) announced that Jingdong will hold all of its good pharmacist all the shares transferred to kyushu. When the transfer of equity, Jingdong and good pharmacist signed a business strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will be aligned as a long-term strategic partnership of strategic importance. read more

Several guest network tricks have to pay attention to the novice

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Several network deception

novice Amoy had to pay attention to the experience of some beginners! By learning


has just begun to understand Tao from 09 in mid September, just know Tao but also from that time began. After fully understand the Tao is a promising industry, more and more to the guest wants to join the army in the past, of course, according to the network usually that website is the most ideal, can be a problem. I’m not going to do can only spend money to buy the source code so far officially began operations read more

n the advertising alliance crazy 2009 webmaster how to make money

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2009 is the advertising alliance of mad cow disease in high-risk, Little League, everyone can open, reputation is getting worse; we cheat the small liar alliance as cruel as a wolf, not 09 years long; perennial webmaster, do what is not easy, the original station do not earn money, only to engage in cheating to earn money and smoke for the meal but just advertising are frequent


? How to do? The traffic did not earn money the time come true, what money? Normal commercial station, we do not concentrate on doing small webmaster! Stop? Flow so hard for. Hey! We have to do long station station has been downhearted, total investment and return is not proportional to the poor also sad sad indeed!!! read more

Millet’s large business 10W red rice flour

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text / knife denier

millet company put out 100 thousand units of red rice mobile phone, 90 seconds will be robbed of light. This is the one from the outset to be guessed at the end of the story, the company should be very clear, quad core smart mobile phone 100 thousand units 799 yuan where all is a few minutes sold things, 90 seconds or 180 seconds,


last year, millet on Sina micro-blog for the first time to try to social sales, 5 minutes and 14 seconds to sell the amount of millet mobile phone 22 million 330 thousand of the amount of 50 thousand micro-blog also forwarded the most forward sina. That being the case, why not continue to sell millet Sina micro-blog red rice, or find a popular platform, such as Taobao, for example, just opened the payment function of WeChat. read more

Taobao guest road where Combined with years of experience to the novice some suggestions

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Since the recent

Taobao customer estimates are found in May, significantly reduced income, but Taobao customer forums there are a lot of people are reflected, but did not get an explanation, single out quite serious, this is a long-term problem of Taobao and Taobao customers, customer data is not open. Or not even a single system, since this month I think everyone’s confidence has begun to gradually decline, if it continues to estimate Taobao customers someone will not do, hard promotion are lost again, repeat do not know the so-called credit claim. The rise of Taobao two years ago, led many grassroots Adsense Taobao customers, but since the beginning of this year the establishment of Taobao alliance, problems continue to appear, Taobao may also cooperate with large customer to the website, the station has disdain, doesn’t care about us these grass-roots cries out there. read more

Flash purchase site Fab founder of the 16 confession

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The United States

flash shopping site Fab co-founder Jason · Goldberg (Jason Goldberg) recently published a blog article, as his new year’s speech. In this blog post, he talks about 16 lessons learned in 2013.

in the second half of 2013, Fab suffered a heavy blow. To a large extent, Goldberg’s blog post can be said to be a self deprecating confession".

Fab was once the darling of the media. However, in just a few months time, the flash purchase site from the valuation of $1 billion to raise more than $150 million of financing, down to take a series of layoffs. In this wave of layoffs, Fab lost more than half of the staff, and now the total number of employees left only about 300 people. read more

Making money online is more important than technology

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network technology expert, but success is not a lot of rich technology. It is not the people who understand technology, successful case sensitive thinking and strategizing too numerous to mention the Czech republic. Li Xingping, Ma Huateng, and so do not understand the technology, the success of the cause, had to remind us to think.

A study of

technology takes a very long time, but we only need to spend a little money, you can use other people’s technology, this is a win-win situation, each one takes what he needs. But for those of us to only know fur, not entirely good people, we want to use the role is to spend a little money to the organic technology. read more

One of the most recognized Yu Minhong talk about online education articles

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source: I Author:

wolf stocks

introduction: author of the article published in time for the New Oriental teachers in ordinary, I stocks released this article by Yu Minhong and other education chiefs in the value, after the release of a number of companies are willing to pay the annual salary of hundreds of thousands of education hired him. This article caused great shock in the field of education, known as the history of online education most of the dry cargo.

suddenly, such as spring night, thousands of pear trees. Although the traditional education and training mode began to feel the winter north wind blows, but the discussion of the whole education and training market has become more enthusiastic. The development of mobile Internet technology makes both education, or do IT are convinced that in the near future, the field of education will set off a wave of revolution, online education will replace the line education model. Ma Yun and Wang Jianlin on e-commerce billion bet on further increase the impact of all traditional industries from the impact of information technology. We have seen in November 11th 12 "singles day" Carnival, Taobao revenue of nearly 20 billion, while ten years ago, Taobao a year of turnover of less than one hundred million. Ten years, electronic commerce has increased 10 thousand times, this is any of a traditional industry is difficult to hold a candle. In the education industry, is also not a on-line company really sit on the dominant position, and the entire industry trillion market size for all unable to hide greeds. For a time, the traditional training companies began to develop vigorously into the network, and IT company also have been involved in the field of education, 2010-2012 years a large number of online education products and professional courses in line. read more

nternet oligarchs Era

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This is a different from the previous wave of the Internet era of big integration. It was the worst of times, it was the best of times.

in the new economic history, has no shortage of commercial upstarts pose challenges to disruptive innovation both the authority and the success of the case, once the hustle and bustle of the new economic theories on the dust to let more people believe in this field there are infinite possibilities, the Internet is always filled with air, to subvert the new group atmosphere.

But if you think

it seemed to mark a new Internet hegemony era has quietly come.    read more

The network is expected to become the third pole of mutual mutual travel website bursting

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Living in the city’s relatives and friends and visits each other on holidays when you go to my house and all play local attractions, and I came to your house and also enjoy such treatment. This fact in your life is not strange, but the condition is that each other is zhigenzhidi relatives and friends. Now some people will be the courtesy to relatives not seen in the real life of the users, and its development will become a kind of fashion, new forms of Tourism – solidarity tour, has been touted young people.

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