In Venezuela 23F ended up ‘one more collapsed coup’

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first_imgThe following are excerpts from an interview by Mario Hernández with Argentine economist and political analyst Claudio Katz published by on March 20. ( Translated by Michael Otto.Mario Hernández: You wrote an article in La Haine, “Venezuela defines the future of the entire region.” ( Why? Claudio Katz: Because it is very clear that what happens [in Venezuela] will determine whether in all of Latin America there is a shift to neoliberal authoritarianism or an opposite process of resuming a course of popular emancipation.I think that what’s interesting about the current situation is that the coup-plotters’ failures are coming one after the other. The first happened when, upon Guaidó’s self-nomination as president, he said he would call elections in 30 days. Time has passed and this guy has carried out no presidential function at all.The Venezuelan rightwing is experienced at mounting abortive coups; we can’t forget that it tried and failed five times since 2013, and this one isn’t succeeding either. What happened on Feb. 23 is the second collapsed coup. It was supposed to be “D” day. All the opposition was betting the trucks would get in. None did, and the farce of humanitarian aid was exposed, because to deliver humanitarian aid you need political neutrality. There has to be a neutral entity separate from both sides of the dispute to help those who are in need. Neither the Red Cross nor the United Nations nor Doctors Without Borders nor any neutral body participated. If the ones bringing “aid” really wanted to help the country, the first step should be to unblock the accounts that are preventing the financing of Venezuela. It’s the same [U.S.] hypocrisy as the embargo on Cuba.I believe that this operation has been very well defined as a Trojan horse. It was a military action in disguise, because the humanitarian aid arrived on planes dispatched from U.S. bases in the Caribbean and was coordinated by Pentagon contractors. Saturday F23 was an incredible farce. The famous bridge that Venezuela was alleged to have blocked to prevent aid had never been inaugurated and opened. The collectives were accused of burning the trucks, but they were burned from the Colombian side. It was a lot like Bush’s farce against Saddam Hussein, using weapons of mass destruction that never existed and that were the main pretext for the attack on Iraq.Saturday F23 ended like one more guarimba [violent right-wing demonstration], with a group of rightwing provocateurs conducting a meaningless exercise and the hopefuls waiting for a major military desertion, a kind of Berlin Wall that was supposed to fall with the great desertion of [Venezuelan] armed forces crossing over to the Colombian side. It didn’t happen. There was pressure on the barracks and still nothing happened.‘A third failure’It seems to me, and I’m being a little more speculative, that we are beginning to witness a third failure, because the Brazilian vice president has already said that he opposes a military invasion. There is a clash with Bolsonaro [president of Brazil]. Military leaders, who are in effect ruling Brazil, are saying, “I don’t like the transfer of the Brazilian embassy to Jerusalem”; “I don’t like the Alcántara base”; “I don’t want to get into a military adventure against Venezuela.” So this whole Lima Group is beginning to leak.That’s why Vice President Mike Pence is complaining to Guaidó that he fooled him, because there was no military desertion, the social base of Chavismo is holding up, the regime is not collapsing. What happened with Brazil is important because if Brazil puts on the brakes, Colombia will also begin to falter. Colombia alone is not going to be willing to launch a military operation. Colombian opposition leader Gustavo Petro is already campaigning against it, and then there are the other ridiculous countries. Chilean President Sebastián Piñera did an absurd show of going to Cúcuta [on the Colombia-Venezuela border] and came back empty handed, as did Paraguay and Panama.There are failures in the self-nomination, in the humanitarian aid operation and in the Lima Group. The big question is whether the stakes get raised and whether they [the U.S.] are going to try a military operation. There are many declarations. There is the U.S. ultra-right in Cúcuta. There is U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Díaz-Balart and these architects of [U.S.] massacres, Elliott Abrams and John Bolton. There are many boorish speeches. But it is very difficult to launch a seizure of territory and set up a parallel government [in Venezuela] following the Middle East model.It’s even more difficult to arm an entire Latin American military contingent of the type that went to Haiti. I believe that what [the U.S. is] going to try are border operations, terrorism, limited actions, [like the U.S. did supporting and arming] the Nicaraguan Contras of the 1980s and 1990s. Trump has a lot of problems with a military retreat in Syria, in Afghanistan and Iraq. He’s trying to make peace with North Korea because he doesn’t have the courage to do much more. The possibilities are very difficult for Trump to repeat: the 1983 [U.S.] invasion of Grenada, 1989 invasion of Panama or 2009 action in Honduras. Europe is not following him. There is a very strong crisis in NATO. Therefore, I think the good news is that the right has problems. And we also have to make an evaluation of the other side.Economic blockade by U.S.MH: I was going to ask you about that, because although so far we understand it as a battle won, the economic situation in Venezuela has serious problems. … In your article I mentioned at the beginning, you pointed out that there was a 30 percent drop in [gross domestic product], a 50 percent drop in oil extraction, combined with the phenomenon of immeasurable hyperinflation.CK: The situation is very grave and will get worse now because the blockade is going to increase. The U.S. has expropriated Citgo, so no one knows what is going to happen to the flow of dollars that Venezuela needs. There is a collapse of the economy that is primarily caused by the economic war, foreign sabotage and the siege; but the government must also bear responsibility because of its improvisation, impotence and complicity with the new so-called “bolibourgeoisie” [elements of the bourgeoisie within Bolivarian Venezuela who are not openly aligned with the right-wing opposition].There are many Chavista economists who are critical [of government policies], proposing that now is the time to make a turn, because Venezuela needs to respond to the new aggression of embargoes and expropriation of Citgo, and the starting point would be a moratorium on debt. Venezuela has paid some $70 billion in interest on the debt, but now it is left with nothing. Many economists … propose the importance of an immediate moratorium … differentiating clearly the different bonds according to each creditor. Venezuela needs to maintain a network of international economic alliances, which is indispensable. And it needs an economic policy based in the communes, in the dynamic of the popular economy but with a totally different macroeconomic orientation. And I believe that a turn of this kind is possible because there is a will to struggle.‘Chavismo encompasses all the Venezuelan people’ What was demonstrated this past month is that there is a people and there is a government, because Chavismo is not only Maduro or the PSUV [United Socialist Party of Venezuela]. It is a political matrix that encompasses all the Venezuelan people. There is a resolve to resist, unlike what happened with Dilma [Rousseff, Brazilian president from 2011 until impeached by right-wing cabal in 2016]. Maduro has called six mobilizations in a matter of days, and he fights for the streets on equal terms with the right. There is a very strong patriotic feeling in the Army that blocks the campaign for defections.MH: 300 defections out of 300,000 troops.CK: There is a 20-year-old construction of consciousness of sovereignty in the Army; there is socialist education in the Armed Forces. In addition, the government is acting intelligently, maintaining serenity in the face of provocations. I believe that they learned from the 2017 guarimbas, [when] they launched tear gas against the fascist gangs, preventing them from escalating the guarimbas into an armed conflict and, above all, maintaining the flag of peace.Nobody wants a civil war, and the government insists that’s what Trump is all about. They say they don’t want a massacre or a repeat of Libya. Eight years have passed since the Gaddafi coup and Libya no longer exists. It was dismembered and the main oil field is closed because armed groups fight over it. Each party has a local sheikh with whom it does business.So the Venezuelan government carries out measured actions, closes the border, breaks relations with Colombia because the aggression is organized there. It has an intelligent international strategy; there are more countries that recognize its government than those that recognize Guaidó. [And] a military alliance with Russia, the actions preventing the U.N. from repeating the Saddam Hussein story, that is, stopping the U.N. from issuing a declaration that legitimizes an invasion. It is a struggle of David against Goliath. We must not lose sight of this, but the great battles were always like this.‘It is possible to resist’And as for Latin America … it’s key, it defines everything. I believe that if the right triumphs, it is like Pinochet’s coup [in Chile that overthrew the pro-socialist Allende government in 1973] … a change of era, 1973 in Latin America. That’s why resistance is so important and overcoming the climate of defeatism that exists among many progressives, while the superficiality of triumphalism that exists on the right fades away.It is possible to resist. Cuba has been resisting for more than five decades. Iran for four decades. It is a complicated struggle. Of course it is. [As for the U.S.] it is not only a military campaign, it’s an attempt to demoralize “the enemy” using a media campaign in the battle for public opinion. What Venezuela has going for it is that this war of public opinion is being commanded by a person of supreme ineptness like Trump and all his fascists in Miami.In addition, the conflict is being internationalized. Banners in favor of Venezuela appeared among the Yellow Vests of France.[Increasingly] you are either in favor of the coup or you are defending Venezuela. There is less and less space for that neutral world inhabited by some intellectuals who think that we have to be in the middle, that Maduro is as guilty as Guaidó, that a right-wing dictatorship is equal to government by Chavismo. I believe that fortunately this type of position is losing strength. I comment on it because I have seen a shameful event, that a group of leftist intellectuals in Venezuela had a meeting with Guaidó.MH: You mean the meeting of the group Socialist Tide (Marea Socialista).CK: Exactly. It is shameful, unacceptable. It isn’t the subject matter that counts, but the act. Whatever they may have talked about, what matters is the photo op. Function of a left movementIn addition, the function of a left-wing movement or party is not to be intermediaries, not to be the organizers of a mediation; that is what Uruguay, Mexico, the Vatican are for. A left-wing organization has to say what it is doing, what sector it’s working with. It is important to maintain distance from the counterrevolution, above all because this [position] goes hand in hand with very mistaken ideas, such that Maduro’s government is a dictatorship or a totalitarian government. Totally absurd.I don’t agree with many things about Maduro’s government. I could write a pamphlet about the things I dislike. But it is not a repressive government. In reality, it’s a government that is more permissive than anything else. Very few governments would tolerate what Maduro endures.It is a government that does not persecute popular sectors. It puts in prison those who have to be put in prison, who are the fascists who carry out coups d’état. They aren’t imprisoned for their opinions but for organizing coups d’état. It is also completely ridiculous to say that it’s a dictatorship when every day there is [both] a massive right-wing protest and a huge demonstration in support of the government.MH: In other words, a situation like that of Guaidó is not acceptable anywhere in the world and moreover without any authority.CK: Yes. I think it is very auspicious what is happening among the left here because I remember that when the 2017 guarimbas occurred, there was a very big debate on the left. There was a sector that was thinking Maduro was the culprit, not the right. There were many hesitations. It seems to me that [now] the whole left has turned around and is taking a correct position that not only denounces the coup without hesitation, but they march and they mobilize.And so we must continue in the struggle, be in the mobilizations and be in the front row defending the Venezuelan people against imperialism.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

New Staff at State Ag Deparatment

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first_img Previous articleTodd Janzen: Modern Agriculture’s Big Five Issues and How the Law is ReactingNext articlePoor stalk Health Means Corn Growers Must Prioritize Harvest Gary Truitt Buck, originally from Kokomo, Ind., graduated from Indiana University School of Law in Bloomington, and Purdue University in West Lafayette.  Buck will serve as the agriculture advancement and promotion program manager, a new position housed under ISDA’s economic development division.  In her job, Buck wants to focus on fostering innovative economic opportunities within Indiana’s agricultural industry while promoting agricultural adaptability, education, outreach, and consumer understanding. Wilkins hails from Washington, Ind. He graduated from Purdue University in West Lafayette in 2008 with a degree in economics.  Prior to joining ISDA, Wilkins worked as a patrolman with the Washington Police Department.  Wilkins is looking forward to being a part of IGBWLA’s auditing team and working with grain firms. Facebook Twitter New Staff at State Ag Deparatment SHARE Facebook Twittercenter_img By Gary Truitt – Oct 10, 2013 “I’m pleased to have Laura and Daniel joining our ISDA team,” ISDA Director Gina Sheets said.  “Laura’s passion for developing innovative prospects in agriculture will serve our economic development team as they continue to cultivate economic opportunities in our state.  Daniel’s background in economics will serve IGBWLA as he works to ensure that Indiana’s grain marketing infrastructure is fair and efficient.” Home Indiana Agriculture News New Staff at State Ag Deparatment SHARE The Indiana State Department of Agriculture is excited to announce the addition of two employees.  Laura Buck will be serving as the agriculture advancement and promotion program manager, and Daniel Wilkins will be serving as a grain auditor for Indiana Grain Buyers and Warehouse Licensing Agency. last_img read more

New Medical Social Work walk in clinic opens in Limerick

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first_imgUL Hospitals Group visiting ban extended to March 29 NewsHealthNew Medical Social Work walk in clinic opens in LimerickBy Staff Reporter – March 27, 2018 5321 Advertisement Facebook TAGSEnnis hospitalMedical Social Work walk-in clinicMedical social workerUL Hospitals GroupUniversity Maternity Hospital Limerick Updated Statement UL Hospitals Group Cyber Attack and Cancellations Anne Hegarty, Head of Medical Social Work Services, UL Hospitals Group; Eimear Smalle, Medical Social Worker; Miriam Nolan CMM2, Antenatal Clinic and Ciara Lawlor, Medical Social Worker at the new Medical Social Work Walk-In Clinic at UMHLA NEW Medical Social Work (MSW) Walk-In Clinic has opened at University Maternity Hospital Limerick to provide a more responsive and accessible service to women and their families.The Walk-In Clinic will initially run in parallel with the Monday morning Ante-Natal Clinic (9am to 1pm) and the service at UMHL will expand following the appointment of an additional Medical Social Worker later this year.A second Walk-In Clinic will  shortly open in Ennis Hospital  to correspond with the Wednesday afternoon (1pm to 4pm) Ante-Natal Clinic there. This will improve access for women in County Clare who heretofore have been referred from the Ennis Ante-Natal Clinic to the Medical Social Work service at UMHL.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up Until now, women or their families seeking the support of Medical Social Work within UL Hospitals Group have been referred by a healthcare professional. Last year, there were  510 new referrals from UMHL to the Medical Social Worker . There can be as many as 130 open cases relating to UMHL patients at any one time.“Referrals are made by midwives in the Ante-Natal Clinic, Neo Natal Unit and Post Natal Wards. The difference with the new Walk-In Clinic is that it allows the woman herself or her family member or partner to come directly to our door for whatever inquiry they wish to find an answer to,” explained Anne Hegarty, Head of Medical Social Work Services, UL Hospitals Group.At the new Medical Social Work Walk-In Clinic at the Antenatal Clinic, UMHL, were Ciara Lawlor, Medical Social Worker; Eimear Smalle, Medical Social Worker; Miriam Nolan CMM2, Antenatal Clinic; and Anne Hegarty, Head of Medical Social Work Services, ULHG“In this fashion, we are removing that obstacle of having to go through a professional to access our service. It is about empowerment and we are encouraging women to self-refer for whatever reason or query they may have. Working alongside  women to support her wellbeing throughout her pregnancy is key to positive parenting and family health.”Eimear Smalle, Medical Social Worker, UMHL, said the queries were various in nature.“It could be for example a woman who is concerned about how to manage when she already has children at home. There could be financial worries; family support issues; issues around homelessness; issues around separation or domestic violence; feelings of anxiety, depression. We are available to answer any of those queries or to signpost them in having them answered by other agencies,” said Ms Smalle.The Walk-In Clinic will make available information from other relevant agencies and support groups such as the HSE community services, Primary Care, Community Mothers/Teen Parent Support, Barnardos, ClareCare, ABC Startright, Citizens Advice, MABS, legal services etc.The new clinic coincides with the continuing development of the Perinatal Mental Health Service at UMHL but it is open to all women and their relatives.“It is about breaking down barriers and is open to all to call in,” said Ciara Lawlor, Medical Social Worker, UL Hospitals Group.“We are located right here beside the Ante-Natal Clinic so very visible in that regard to patients and to staff. It is about making the service more accessible to them; so that women can see for themselves what supports are there for them if they want to share a concern.”Welcoming the new service, Dr Naro Imcha, Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, said “At UMHL, we are closely interacting with patients to identify bottlenecks and to streamline the patient journey. The MSW Walk-In Clinic is an example of the many simple but impactful changes that are patient-centred.“This Clinic brings a multidisciplinary team together at one location so that a care plan can be quickly developed with all their inputs.” Dr Imcha concluded.More about health here. WhatsApp UMHL hosts virtual Ceremony of Remembrance for families who have experienced loss Linkedincenter_img Previous articleTV appeal aired in Jeffrey Hannan murder appealNext articleSon of Michael Hartnett to be keynote speaker at festival in Limerick Staff Reporter RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Email Print Twitter UL Hospitals Group announces gradual relaxation of access restrictions at maternity hospital UL Hospitals Group & Public Health Mid-West: COVID-19 Precautions ‘Imperative’ As Hospital Services Prioritised for the Most Unwell Patients in Wake of Cyber Attack New app helps University Maternity Hospital Limerick with diabetes in pregnancylast_img read more

Make an impact through intervention

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first_imgRelated posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Occupational health is not a slice of the organisational cake that stays inisolation, so its focus should always be on the well being of the wholeorganisation. So said George Prentice, HR director of the FiberCompositesDivision of Alstom Ltd. In his presentation, ‘Working together in Partnership’, Prentice tolddelegates that no aspect of an organisation can function without impacting onall the other parts, which is equally true of OH. To make an impact, it mustmove from a prescriptive to an interventionist role. Moving to an interventionist role may not be easy, he warned, as managementis often resistant to change. But occupational health is now an integral partof the management process, and must give input with its own perspective for thegood of the entire organisation. Comments are closed. Make an impact through interventionOn 1 May 2003 in Personnel Todaylast_img read more

SUU Football Hosts Stephen F. Austin Saturday

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first_img Written by FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailCEDAR CITY, Utah-Saturday, Southern Utah University football commences their home season by hosting the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks at Eccles Coliseum for a 6:05 pm MDT kickoff.The Thunderbirds fell to 0-2 on the season by falling 34-14 to Northern Iowa at Cedar Falls, Idaho September 7.SUU ranks 83rd in the FCS in scoring offense (18.5 points per game), tied with Gardner-Webb, Monmouth and North Carolina A&T.Defensively, they are tied for 102nd in scoring defense with Western Carolina, Presbyterian, and San Diego, surrendering 45 points per game.Redshirt sophomore signal-caller Chris Helbig has completed 52.6 percent of his passes (30-57) this season for the Thunderbirds, for 264 yards and has run for three scores. Redshirt freshman quarterback Tyler Skidmore has both passing touchdowns on the season for SUU.Redshirt junior tailback James Felila has run for 67 yards on 84 carries for the Thunderbirds this season and sophomore tailback Lance Lawson averages 7.4 yards per carry (5 car, 38 yards).Lawson is also the Thunderbirds’ leading receiver thus far on the season with 15 grabs for 120 yards. SUU’s receiving touchdown leader is freshman receiver Zach Nelson, who has both touchdown receptions for the squad this season and four grabs for 85 yards (21.4 yards per catch).Defensively, redshirt senior safety Kyle Hannemann, redshirt sophomore linebacker Quaid Murray and sophomore defensive end Francis Bemiy have each forced a fumble.The Lumberjacks come into this game at 0-2 as well, having been routed by FBS Power 5 conference foe Baylor 56-17 and falling to NCAA Division II opponent Tarleton State 37-26.Stephen F. Austin ranks 75th in the FCS in scoring offense (21.5 points a game) and 104th in scoring defense (46.5 points per contest).The Lumberjacks are led by sophomore signal-caller Trae Self (29-66, 353 yards, TD/INT) who only completes 43.9 percent of his passes.Junior tailback Da’Leon Ward (37 car, 159 yards) leads Stephen F. Austin in rushing yards, while the leader in yards per carry is senior tailback Thomas Hutchings (6.8 yards per carry) and the leader in rushing touchdowns is junior tailback Josh McGowen (2 rushing touchdowns, 4.9 yards per carry).Freshman receiver Xavier Gipson (4 rec, 83 yards, 20.8 yards per reception) is the Lumberjacks’ leading receiver.Senior linebacker Quin Jones has forced a fumble, to lead the Stephen F. Austin defense.The series between the Lumberjacks and Thunderbirds dates back to 2002 and is tied 2-2 all-time.The last meeting in the series occurred September 9, 2017 at Nacogdoches, Texas when the guest Thunderbirds routed Stephen F. Austin 51-14. Brad James September 12, 2019 /Sports News – Local SUU Football Hosts Stephen F. Austin Saturday Tags: Baylor/Da/Da’Leon Ward/Eccles Coliseum/FCS Football/Francis Bemiy/Gardner-Webb/James Felila/Josh McGowen/Kyle Hannemann/Lance Lawson/Monmouth/North Carolina A&T/Northern Iowa/Presbyterian/Quaid Murray/Quin Jones/San Diego/SUU Football/Tarleton State/Thomas Hutchings/Trae Self/Western Carolina/Xavier Gipson/Zach Nelsonlast_img read more

ClearSign receives engineering order from ExxonMobil

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first_imgThe contract includes early engineering and installation planning regarding a trial installation of the ClearSign Core process burners at one of ExxonMobil’s Gulf Coast refineries Image: The order is the next step in the process for the Company to showcase ClearSign Core technology’s NOx emissions. Photo courtesy of Frauke Feind from Pixabay. ClearSign Combustion Corporation (Nasdaq: CLIR) (“ClearSign” or the “Company”), an emerging leader in industrial combustion technologies that improve energy and operational efficiency while dramatically reducing emissions, announces that the company has received a Purchase Order from ExxonMobil to perform early engineering and installation planning regarding a trial installation of the company’s ClearSign Core process burners at one of their Gulf Coast refineries.This order is the next step in the process for the Company to showcase ClearSign Core technology’s best-in-class NOx emissions and for ExxonMobil to assess applicability across its process heater fleet. The engineering follows the previously announced qualification program that the Company performed at their State-of-the-Art Seattle R&D facility.  That testing was an evaluation over a broad range of typical conditions, including variations in fuel heating values, turndown, and excess air.“We are delighted and encouraged by this highly significant order, and the ongoing engagement and interest from ExxonMobil,” said Jim Deller, Ph.D, CEO of ClearSign.  “This engineering order is one of the final steps prior to qualifying our ClearSign Core process burner technology for use in an ExxonMobil refinery, and is a significant milestone for our company in the process of demonstrating our technology with a supermajor at their facility.  This is a culmination of months of thorough evaluation and coordination between our team and the Research and Engineering team at ExxonMobil.  The specific site and location has been selected and we look forward to continuing to support ExxonMobil’s evaluation of our ClearSign Core technology.” Source: Company Press Releaselast_img read more

Australian Navy kicks off exercise Autonomous Warrior

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first_imgAutonomous Warrior 2018, an exercise designed to explore the potential of robotic, autonomous and uninhabited systems, in support of defense operations in coastal environments, has kicked off on the New South Wales South Coast.Commodore Steve Hughes is the director of navy’s littoral operations and the navy sponsor for Autonomous Warrior 2018.“All of us are very much looking forward to hosting our industry, military and science partners and witnessing how autonomous and artificial intelligence technologies can help us maintain a winning edge across the spectrum of maritime, land and air operations, from surveillance to high end warfare,” CDRE Hughes said.The coming fortnight will see a series of exhibits and trials of autonomous vehicles. It’s an opportunity for industry to showcase its latest technology and capabilities.One of the highlights is the ‘Autonomy Strategic Challenge’ (also known as ‘The Wizard of Aus’). It will feature a set of multi-national scientific trials, as both Navy and Army exercise their in-service autonomous and unmanned assets.Held under the auspices of the ‘Five Eyes’ Technical Cooperation Program, exercise Autonomous Warrior 2018 is being led by Defence Science and Technology (DST) and supported by the Royal Australian Navy.Twenty six Australian and international participants will provide live demonstrations of their technologies. These include 13 air vehicles, 8 ground vehicles, 14 sea surface vehicles and 3 underwater vehicles.AW18 is about control of unmanned systems, the integration of control technologies and a demonstration of its application to ADF scenarios.The integration of a combination of air, land, sea and underwater technologies from the five TTCP nations is a key goal of AW18. The exercise builds on what was learned through the United Kingdom’s Unmanned Warrior 2016 (UW16) event, specifically that systems integration is a key enabler for exploiting uninhabited systems in the maritime environment.Autonomous Warrior will run from November 5 to 23 at HMAS Creswell and surrounding defense department-controlled areas in Jervis Bay, Australian Capital Territory. View post tag: Autonomous Warrior Photo: Jordan Kendall (left) and Travis Downie (right) from Silvertone UAV conduct pre-flight checks on the Flamingo Mk3 at the Jervis Bay Airfield, Australian Capital Territory, during exercise Autonomous Warrior 2018. Photo: Australian Defence Department View post tag: Royal Australian Navy Share this articlelast_img read more

Beach Boys to Play Ocean City Music Pier in August

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first_imgSign up for free Ocean City news updates from OCNJ Daily.Follow us on Facebook. The Beach Boys will perform two shows August 24 on the Ocean City Music Pier.The Beach Boys — or at least a reincarnation that includes one original member — will perform two shows on the Ocean City Music Pier on August 24. The concert hall is on the boardwalk between Eighth and Ninth streets in Ocean City, NJ.Tickets go on sale Thursday (April 23) for shows 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 24. A pre-sale started Tuesday and purchasers reportedly can use the code “BRE,” according to a Facebook post from the event promoter.This tour features original member Mike Love and contributing member Bruce Johnston, along with a new band, performing Beach Boys hits.__________Visit Ticketmaster, to purchase tickets.__________Tickets are $65 and $85 before service charges.Reviews from the current tour suggest the Beach Boys catalog stands the test of time, and that the new members of the band perhaps outshine even the 74-year-old Love. Read more from Dallas: Even without original band, Beach Boys music powerful.For a complete other concerts in the Monday night series this summer, see: Tickets on Sale for Summer Rock Concerts on Music Pier.last_img read more

GreenPalm raises $4m

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first_imgOver $4m has been raised so far from the sale of GreenPalm certificates, since the start of the scheme 18 months ago, and there are plans for a European roll-out.The $4m figure equates to the sale of 460,000 certificates, said Bob Norman, general manager  of Book&Claim, which operates the Green-Palm certificate trading platform, endorsed by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). This allows manufacturers and retailers to support sustainable palm oil production. “That $4m is the actual payment that goes back to sustainable palm oil producers,” said Norman, at the Baking Industry Exhibition earlier this week. He told BB that the organisation is beginning to see interest from mainland Europe and plans to expand the GreenPalm scheme out across the continent soon.The scheme is run by fats supplier AAK and certificates can be purchased for every tonne of palm oil used by a company. This premium is then paid to farmers producing an equivalent amount of sustainable palm oil. Certificates cost around $8, while a tonne of palm oil is around $650. “A dollar from every certificate sold also goes to the RSPO,” explained Norman.The scheme has attracted interest from a number of major brands. For example, in February this year, Burton’s Foods announced it was the first UK sweet biscuit manufacturer to acquire GreenPalm certificates for 100% of its palm oil usage.last_img read more

Jeopardy! Made A Great Radiohead Pun Last Night, & All The Contestants Blew It

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first_img[Video: Consequence of Sound]As many of us know, unlike the #nerds on Jeopardy! last night, the pun in the first line of the clue was a reference to Kid A, Radiohead’s critically-acclaimed 2000 release. Marking the fourth studio album from the British alt-rock giants, Kid A won a Grammy for Best Alternative Album and was nominated for Album of the Year by the Recording Academy. The album has gone on to rack up accolades, with Rolling Stone declaring it the 67th entry in its list of the 500 greatest albums of all time and the record topping best albums of the 2000s lists from numerous other outlets.This year, Radiohead was nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, marking the first year of their eligibility. In order to be eligible, each nominee has to have released their first commercial recording at least twenty-five years before the year of induction, meaning that all of the nominees this year made their commercial debut by 1992 or earlier. However, Radiohead seemed nonplussed by the nod, noting that they wouldn’t attend the ceremony, even if they were inducted. In the end, the band lost out, with the class of 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees featuring Bon Jovi, Dire Straits, Moody Blues, The Cars, and Nina Simone.[H/T Consequence of Sound] Last night, the fabulous long-running trivia show, Jeopardy!, saw some of its contestants struggle as they worked their way through clues in the category “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.” The category focused on the many musical artists who haven’t been inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame—a controversial, if not subjective, topic that spurs discussion and disent each year—with references to Whitney Houston, Devo, The Cure, and Motörhead.While contestant Scott seemed to do fairly well in the category, it was not without its bumps. For the $1,200 question, host Alex Trebek sassily read: “Are you Kid A-ing? These alt-rock legends weren’t part of the class in 2018, their first year of eligibility.”While it’s worth your while to check out the clip, if not just to hear the incredible wordplay read out by Trebek, it’s also enjoyable to watch the contestants’ answers. While Scott, who objectively did the best in the “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame” category, didn’t offer a response, another contestant who was relatively silent during the category, Andrew, immediately buzzed in, confidently answering, “Beastie Boys.”last_img read more