CAS Demands Facts from FIFA Committee’s Rejection of Musa Bility

Posted On Jan 14 2020 by

first_imgIt is likely that the gods of football have not abandoned Musa Bility’s quest to contest for the forthcoming FIFA presidential elections.Reports from Switzerland indicates that the Court for Arbitration of Sports (CAS), responsible to decide Bility’s appeal on his rejection, has requested FIFA’s Ad-Hoc Elections Committee to submit reasons for his exclusion no later than December 18.At a press conference in Monrovia recently Bility told sports journalists that CAS accepted his appeal as “legally and procedurally sufficient,” and was subsequently processed for adjudication.With CAS requesting the Committee to provide facts about Bility’s exclusion, the candidate stands a good chance of being vindicated.In his official reaction after his rejection, Bility said he found the decision to be unfair and troubling and disappointing. He felt the negative report about his integrity was based on ‘tabloid-like’ sources which are internationally unacceptable because they obviously lack credibility.Since the latest news broke out, the Daily Observer could not get President Bility to make a comment, but sources close to him said he is taking the new development with caution.From the start, Bility suspected shoddy work by the investigators who researched his integrity. “Is it enough that such poor quality of work is admittedly carried out and its findings made exclusively to the inner chambers, which proceeds to publicly disclose who is qualified and therefore acceptable to the inner chambers?”In his summation to CAS, Bility urged improved transparency, and called for access to the investigative probes and findings.Right now it is not a question as to whether Bility may win the presidency of FIFA, rather it is a question of being allowed to contest like anyone else. His exclusion on unsubstantiated sources will indicate that someone does not want him to express his ability to contest the elections. Bility therefore has seen his rejection based on his ‘integrity’ on spurious sources as an assault on his personality.Hence he could say, “Like everyone else, my prized possession is my integrity, which I believe has been carelessly impugned upon, in an effort to deny me from the pursuit of this vision.”Now that he has won the first round, Bility should be walking tall and humbly wait for the results after deliberations to determine his qualification as one of the candidates for football’s highest post.But one is impressed with Bility’s commitment to football, no matter the outcome of his determination to walk where even angels would not dare, when he said: “I will continue to advocate and work to realize a reformed FIFA aware that no change or advocacy comes without a price.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more