‘Boakai, Brumskine, Others Immaterial to Liberia’s Future’

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first_imgSen. Weah: “It is about time that all potential voters see me as the only hope to transform the country for the better.”By David S. MenjorSenator George Weah, the political leader of the Coalition for Democratic Change, yesterday told his supporters that his main challengers, including Vice President Joseph N. Boakai (Unity Party), Charles W. Brumskine (Liberty Party), and other presidential contenders are “immaterial to Liberia’s future.”Weah made the statement when he visited Montserrado Electoral District #2, where he informed his supporters that “it is about time that all potential voters see me as the only hope to transform the country for the better.”“My fellow citizens,” he said “let me inform you that from all observations and real life experiences, VP Boakai has nothing to offer this country. He has served our public offices for over 40 years, but today, there is nothing else worth remembering of him except that he aided in taking our country backward.”He added that “Boakai is part of the most corrupt leadership, headed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, that has ever ruled Liberia and owing to the point that he (Boakai) did not influence the leadership to stop stealing the country’s wealth for their personal benefits, he lacks the face to ascend to the Presidency.”Weah’s negative description of Vice President Boakai is nothing new to his voters. But reacting to his statements, the VP’s Office called them “empty and lazy arguments” to convince anyone who has followed the VP’s track record.Though Weah claimed that “there is nothing else worth remembering of him (VP Boakai) except that he aided in taking our country backward (and) has nothing to offer the country” some of Senator Weah’s supporters have accused him of allegedly “soliciting bribes from aspirants before going for the party’s primaries.”Weah meanwhile said, “It is our time to lead our people and manage in the best interest of our nation all state-owned resources rather than allowing for another difficult period from a hard to accept group of crooks and unpatriotic citizens.” However, Weah did not give evidence of any crooked deals committed by Vice President Boakai.On Brumskine and others in the opposition block, Weah said: “they are all members of a corrupt system that have no tangible reasons for which voters should give them the country by voting for them in the October polls.”“I repeat myself that it is time for the young forces in collaboration with serious-minded and dedicated folks to lead this country. We have the experience and the ability to prove them wrong of the thoughts they hold against us,” Weah assured.Before Weah’s statement yesterday, Brumskine’s office said working in past governments was not a crime, but an added advantage to govern the country in the future.To the winner in the CDC held primary for the district, Weah said it is about time for all partisans to join hands and that anyone supporting the political quest of the CDC must do so in the interest of taking state power at the October polls.“At the CDC primaries I believe there were no losers and to confirm this, I appeal to all to hold the hands of whoever were winners to work together in the interest of our great party and the people we want to represent in government,” he said.Weah expressed gratitude to those who lost in the primaries but did not quit the party as some had opted to do.“You have made the right decision to remain a CDCian because I too lost to Cllr. Winston Tubman in 2011 when I contested at the primary for the post of the standard bearer. I accepted the result and worked with him as his deputy,” he said.He cautioned CDCians to stop breeding conflict but to foster the party’s agenda to take state power. “Those who have ears let them hear; we are fully prepared and that all I want from you is to cooperate with us as we work hard to redeem our country from the hands of political devils,” Weah declared.He thanked the Muslim community for their prayers for national peace and admonished them not to place themselves in a separate political class.“We are one big family, and therefore, I call on you to join us in this great fight. CDC is not weak because it has the will-power to change the living conditions of our people,” he said.One of the representative aspirants, Jimmy Smith, said his mission is to reconcile the people of the district and improve their living standards through the enactment of good laws.“As we move to October 10, let me be once again be clear that we are not at war with each other in this district. My mission, upon winning the seat of representative is to make all of us feel the impact of true public service by doing what is right always,” Smith said.He thanked all partisans and the communities of his district for understanding the meaning of democracy. “If anyone from the Muslim community and I argue, it is intended for us to discover what is good for all of us and work for the benefit our district rather than an individual,” Smith said.Imam Sesay of the Black Gina Community said the Muslim community is prepared to trash the notion that they are not in the interest of peace.“We will work with all, including winners and losers, in our election for the sake of our peace. We are one family and are prepared at all times to preach peace and unity,” he said.The ceremony ended with a football match between Weah All Stars (WAS) and Muslim FC, which the Muslim FC won 3-1.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more