love to see Shanghai site out of the data and statistical data of Shanghai love

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2. by K before, now in the sandbox, the page is not put out

during the Qingming before I changed the space it is decisive, serious buy. Stability is no problem. But today I come back at the Qingming holiday, or the like. My heart pull pull cool cool. After a night of meditation. Think of the following reasons:

is more than I encountered such a situation some of their own understanding and description, also hope to encounter this problem webmaster friends, we can talk together, learning. In this paper, by the Ningbo Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝lzf Shanghai dragon 520.sinaapp贵族宝贝/ webmaster writing, please keep the author link, thank you. read more

How to avoid excessive optimization site

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will refuse to play to the extreme scale of station. The Internet is full of a large number of repeated.

, which belongs to the violation of the principle of search engine.

to get a good ranking, on the same page crazy stack related keywords, using a variety of dominant and recessive way, in every corner of the page stack repeating the keyword, even hidden text or hidden in the body, behind the picture, obviously, this in the early stage of the search engine is not perfect, but quite good results. Obviously, this has caused a strong rejection of the search engine, all search engines do not love, we are determined not to do. All search engines love, we must do. (great three whatevers, or a bad read more

How to spend the new love Shanghai sandbox

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5, a love of Shanghai, love Shanghai statistics is not a simple statistical tool, which is the same as Google Adsense management tools, the purpose is.

might see this title many webmaster friends will ask, how also love Shanghai sandbox? Not only Google sandbox? The author explain the meaning of the sandbox. The sandbox is the search engine to the site of the "assessment period" during this period, the website often exhibit poor ranking, the weight is not enough, the inside pages included slow phenomenon. Obviously, the current Shanghai love also has this kind of phenomenon on the new website. So don’t call this problem the sandbox, we aimed at the problem, share with you today and the new station how to smooth through the love of Shanghai "audit stage". For a new station, if you can in the beginning do some preparation, so often can quickly out of the love of Shanghai "sandbox", "a good beginning is half of success", in the eyes of the search engines is also like this. So from those aspects to pay attention to read more

Nofollow FAQ of nofollow is not very strict love Shanghai

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in unrelated website links in general use

tag is usually used in the comments on a blog or forum posts, because these places are the most spam links place. The Z-blog system is the default label with nofollow.

< a href=" 贵族宝贝lusongsong贵族宝贝/" rel=" nofollow" > here is the anchor text of < /a>

rel=" nofollow"

cited below a noble baby said:

this code is added in a hyperlink in rel=" nofollow", tell the search engines do not track this connection. read more

Love Shanghai know website promotion Bottleneck Breakthrough on love Shanghai

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know when love Shanghai closed out >


five: rational use of images, is more and more difficult to release the chain in Shanghai love to know now, although in Shanghai Longfeng better optimization is becoming difficult, but love Shanghai know good collection and priority in Shanghai love home, bring new ideas for the website promotion, such as the picture in combination love Shanghai know the answer, let the user through the pictures can quickly find the corresponding website, this is a very good marketing method! At the same time also can help enhance the brand property website promotion read more

Wang Tong Taobao Shanghai dragon super huge market growth space

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2, directly from the essence of

?We look at the data:

two years ago, I wrote an article on Taobao Shanghai Longfeng market article, said the market is very promising, and then set up a Taobao Shanghai dragon team, launched several Taobao Shanghai Longfeng experts, training hundreds of professional Taobao Shanghai dragon, Taobao Shanghai dragon market has begun to develop, more and more the more quickly. However, in my opinion, today’s Taobao search engine optimization Shanghai dragon, like 10 years ago, is still in its infancy, super huge market opportunities. Why read more

On the site of some experience and methods

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two, the station

The author describes the , a title, keywords, descriptionThe title When

for internal site update and optimization, the author thinks that there is not much difficulty, important is whether or not you have a day to seriously take care of and adhere to, updating and optimization of the internal site has made the following analysis:

set of keywords, the author’s own Shanghai makeup training school website my general keywords the first set only 3 to 5, when the future site development the need to add keywords to add. So we have clear words, you can after the website optimization promotion targeted on the site optimization and promotion of Shanghai dragon. read more

n 2016 the focus of the optimization in the Shanghai Dragon

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is the Shanghai dragon end?

then Shanghai Longfeng is not really dead? Today to listen to Beijing network marketing lecturer Beijing Tao teacher after class, let me rekindle my filled with wisdom, Shanghai dragon confidence. Jing Tao teacher and we share the 2016 Shanghai dragon optimization method, since the media in the era of the rise of Shanghai dragon can not rely on their own website, but also with the third party platform optimization, and still do ordinary chain and write original is the primary Shanghai dragon er. Optimization of Shanghai dragon here and share kingtao teacher. read more

On the basis of the need to have eight website optimization

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four: how to know how to optimize the station; the station optimization, including title method, such as the "product key – products – product keyword keyword, the name of the company", this way, our company is in accordance with this amendment, but my advice is to write a sentence, do not repeat not repeat key the key, after all can eliminate noise, and then in the description of which fully write clearly the meaning of title, this is the best description of the.

six: the daily maintenance of website, you should know the importance of daily maintenance, daily updated blog. read more

How to make love Shanghai more popular your site spider pictures

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The Shanghai

love the search results page, to cite a lot of pictures, this let love Shanghai search results become illustrated, it can effectively improve the user experience of love Shanghai. It is the innovation of love Shanghai, means we should pay attention to site optimization, optimization techniques of the picture, let love Shanghai more in favor of your pictures, and then display in the results page, so it is easy to bring traffic to your website.

images and text content have significant differences, how to make love in Shanghai to identify pictures of your content, which included requires the application of more skills, the following analysis of optimization techniques based on specific pictures. read more