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in MSN was found after hacking, she immediately to the mobile phone more than and 300 friends to send a text message, also made a few phone calls. Just want to breathe a sigh of relief, but received a call from an old friend, said to have helped her to buy 4000 yuan recharge card – which is obviously a liar when. Mixed with injustice and guilt, Liu Wei’s tears came out.

Liu Wei is not a case.

This wave of

in the MSN closed before the outbreak of the hacking "climax", so many users suffered losses. Recently, MSN will be integrated into the global Skype (excluding mainland China) news, some analysts believe that the recent trend of poor MSN services, or with Microsoft’s strategic adjustment.

in fact, the beginning of entering China, Microsoft did not invest in this product on a large scale. In the global architecture, MSN China is also difficult to improve products and services in accordance with the needs of local users.

48 hours after the hacking "nightmare"

in the stolen 48 hours, a total of Liu Wei’s friends lost a total of $13000. Liu Wei is a staff member of a foreign company in Beijing. November 6th at noon, she was about to go to lunch, the company’s colleagues called her and asked her if she was on the MSN, but also to help him buy prepaid card. Liu Wei realized that MSN might have been stolen.

on a colleague’s computer screen, scammers steal Liu Wei’s MSN account with colleagues to chat, trying to get his colleagues to buy a prepaid phone card. Back to the seat, Liu Wei found his MSN account has been unable to log on. She immediately to the mobile phone all the friends to send a text message, and played a long-distance call to foreign friends. Even so, there are still a number of friends have been cheated.

let Liu Wei unexpected is that the process of retrieving the account and password, more difficult than she imagined. Since MSN does not provide telephone customer service, to retrieve the password can only be submitted on the MSN China website. That day, Liu Wei submitted the form is always not enough, but a full 24 hours, she can only get MSN aspects of her automatic reply.

helpless, Liu Wei tried to communicate with the U.S. headquarters in English MSN. Eventually, she contacted a Microsoft employee named Emma. After sending a number of harsh English mail, accompanied by a friend cheated after the chat screenshot, her MSN account finally got back.

at this time, she found the account stolen, has passed about 48 hours.

in the 48 hours, a total of her friends lost a total of $13000.

"I’m going to find a lawyer friend to send a lawyer’s letter to MSN headquarters." Liu Wei said that if the hacking problem can be quickly resolved, she and her friends will not have such a big loss.


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