FLANDERS to debut new innovative mining solutions at MINExpo

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first_imgFLANDERS is set to announce several newly developed products, including expanding the FREEDOM platform and the introduction of a new software platform, INVISION, at MINExpo. FLANDERS, a privately-owned and operated partner to the mining industry, says it continues to draw upon nearly 70 years of experience in serving, and most recently, automating mining operations.FLANDERS’ Chief Operating Officer, Allen Patterson shared, “These solutions are considered to be some of the most innovative breakthroughs yet.”FREEDOM is a flexible open-architecture platform that brings new life to existing equipment by replacing proprietary OEM control components. This upgrade enables the use of commercially available off-the-shelf products, improves machine monitoring and expedites troubleshooting through a common and intuitive graphical interface. The FREEDOM platform has been developed for draglines, drills, haul trucks, shovels and underground coal transporters, resulting in higher production and lower maintenance.“By listening intently to our customers, this established platform allows FLANDERS to continually develop and deliver innovative solutions addressing their ever-evolving needs.” Patterson noted. The platform includes the following systems:FREEDOM for Draglines, whether it’s an AC or DC machine, the FREEDOM control system enables the installation of third-party motors, including FLANDERS’ high-performance motors and generators, resulting in quicker cycle times and increased availability. Maintenance and machine downtime is decreased by using easy-to-replace common power modules and detailed diagnosticsFREEDOM for Drills, ARDVARC, is a superior drill control system that offers various levels of autonomy. In its most basic form, FREEDOM for Drills delivers superior data on blast hole positioning, drilling conditions and machine operation, resulting in improved fragmentation. At its most advanced level, it is a fully autonomous drilling solution, providing productivity gains up to 30%FREEDOM for Haul Trucks extends the life of an existing haul truck by completely eliminating DC motors and replacing with new AC motors and controls. These improvements provide reduced maintenance and up to 30% higher max speeds, resulting in increased productionFREEDOM for Shovels lowers cost per tonne by utilising FLANDERS’ robust motors and smart systems to deliver increased productivity up to 24%. FLANDERS’ long lasting motors decrease machine downtime and unplanned maintenance, improving reliabilityFREEDOM for Underground Coal Transporters offers increased motor reliability by utilizing FLANDERS built high-performance drives and motors, including more robust encoders increasing performance and life. Additionally, FLANDERS’ software configurable non-contact conveyor and foot switches eliminate the need for mechanical adjustmentsThe unexpected failure of a machine can create disruption, further damage to a machine and loss of production. FLANDERS’ INVISION is an inspection based predictive and preventative maintenance solution. INVISION provides intuitive insight into a machine’s health by using complex algorithms to define the remaining life of components, limit downtime, control costs and minimise safety and environmental risks, while achieving maximum productivity. By utilising the INVISION software platform, analysed data becomes actionable data, and is visible to all levels of an organisation as displayed through a colour-coded visual health presentation. Same day results allow maintenance personnel to quickly prioritise and schedule maintenance activities.last_img

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