March domestic nternet users time distribution peak still appears at 9 o’clock in the evening

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IDC Review Network ( 04 reported on: according to the latest statistics Baidu statistics show that in March, the domestic Internet users to maintain a stable time, mainly in the evening. Peak period is 21:00-21:59, the proportion reached 6.61%, an increase of 0.19% from last month. The peak appeared in 20:00-20:59, the proportion rose to 6.59%. Below, please see the relevant data analysis.


(Figure 1) March domestic Internet users time distribution

according to figure 1, in March, the domestic Internet users time is still 21:00-21:59 peak period, last month, an increase of 0.19%, reaching 6.61%. The proportion of sub peak 20:00-20:59 also rose to 6.59%. With time to the early morning, the number of Internet users gradually decreased, the lowest value in 04:00-04:59 0.81%.


(Figure 2) in February 2015 and in March the domestic Internet users time comparison

Figure 2 Comparison of data from the morning to the evening of 18 points from March to February, the proportion of Internet users in the time of the year coincides with the proportion of. The rest of the time is more obvious: in 18 to 23 points, the number of Internet users in March was significantly more than in February. Among them, in the peak period of 20:00-20:59, the gap reached the maximum in March the Internet time proportion is up 0.24% in February; and in the evening 23 points to 6 points in the morning period, the number of Internet users in March is less than February, the time period of 00:00-00:59 change was the biggest difference between the proportion of 0.41%.

shows that the proportion of people who stay up late in March to significantly reduce the number of Internet users more reasonable rules.

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