Will the worlds toughest phone blend

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first_imgIf you’re not familiar with Sonim, you can’t be blamed. Even though the company has been around for years, their phones are largely sold to people who need the absolute best in rugged and durable mobile technology. You’ll see Sonim phones around construction work sites, on oil rigs, and in mines (if you go in mines, that is). They’re not unbreakable, as we’ve seen before, but they’re pretty close. With a device that strong and rugged, it had to be put to the ultimate test: a Blendtec blender.Blendtec took a Sonim XP3300 and dropped it into a Blendtec Total Blender with a special Wildside carafe on top. The Blendtec Total features a 4-inch blade and a 1560 watt direct-drive motor. It’s the blender that’s most frequently used in the “Will it Blend?” videos.AdChoices广告All too often, the subject of a “Will it Blend?” video winds up vanishing into a cloud of horribly toxic smoke and dust, but not this time. The world’s more rugged phone actually stands up to the blender well for a while, starting off by chipping away the hard plastic exterior. Eventually the Sonim phone lost its battery door battery to the whims of the spinning blades it bounced around on.There’s no way to tell exactly how long the blender had to run to get the damage it got – after all, the video is edited. It does certainly look like host Tom Dickson was standing there with his hand on top of the blender for a good long time.Still, the phone that comes out at the end does bear a strong resemblance to the phone that went in, and aside from the battery and the exterior housing, it looks pretty good. It’s definitely mangled, but it doesn’t look so bad, certainly not as bad as the iPhone 4 did when they were through with it, or the iPad 2 for that matter. They don’t test it after the blend, but we’d wager that it still works.via Wiredlast_img

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