First weeks in July the United States continued to decline in the total number of ORG domain net mi

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IDC network ( on 11 August 07 reports: according to the latest data from the latest statistics agency show that in the 1 week of July, China.ORG total domain 189996, a net increase of 1331, compared with last week, rose sharply, to overtake Japan, or regain the championship position in the top ten in. The.ORG domain name total decline continues, a net decrease of 8123 QoQ increase. Below, please look at the data review and analysis of IDC.

  (Figure 1) first weeks in July the world’s total.ORG domain name list TOP10

from Figure 1, in the first week of July, the United States and Germany.ORG domain names in the world won the championship, had maintained its own advantages. From the beginning of the third, followed by the United Kingdom, France, Canada, China, Japan, Spain, Italy, Holland.

  (Figure 2) first weeks in July the world’s total.ORG domain name list TOP10

according to figure 2, review of IDC network key noted that in the first week of July, the total net growth of the.ORG domain name only 3 countries, they are Chinese, Japan and Italy. Among them, Chinese and Japan rose almost not comparable: China net 1331.ORG domain, a.ORG domain name in Japan increased by 1307. Look back at the last week, Chinese rose far behind Japan, but in the success this week to overtake, victory over japan. Today, China has 189996.ORG domain names.

in addition, in the first week of July.ORG growth rate is negative to positive domain countries Germany, Britain, Holland, respectively, a net reduction of 378 125, 60. The decline in the top ten in the United States, the net decrease of the.ORG domain name of 8123, the chain increased.

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