Pokemon Gos punniest nicknames

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first_img Some want to tip a clever Bond homage.<><> Pokemon Go just keeps growing and growing. The augmented reality game lets players capture, train, and care for Pokemon culled from the real world. But, because ‘mon like Pidgey and Rattata are almost frustratingly common, players often deign to give their most special friends nicknames.I, for example, have based mine of the similarly explosive Twitch Plays Pokemon phenomenon from a couples years back. My lead Pidgeot is Bird Jesus, my Flareons (I have a couple now) are named “False Prophets,” etc. But other players have been quite a bit more creative.Some have taken to typing in the Pokemon species name and seeing what their phone’s autocorrect function spits back out, and while that’s good for a lark, it lacks the impact of some good old-fashioned puns. That said, here are some of our favorite nicknames that are clever, snarky, or just straight-up punny. I apologize in advance. Do you have any names that you’ve come up with that you really like? Show off your teams of Pocket Monsters!last_img

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