Yet Another Dumb Hotspot Name Causes Panic in the Air

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first_imgNeed to pass the time on a long flight? Why not read a good book? Watch some videos on your tablet or game on your laptop. Maybe even knit something. Do anything, really, except make jokes about bombs on the plane.That never goes over well, but clearly, there are still travelers out there who think it’s hilarious to freak out other passengers. One, anyway. Someone on a Turkish Airlines flight thought it would be a real side-splitter to turn on a WiFi hotspot named “bomb on board” while the plane was en route from Nairobi to Istanbul.The flight crew responded exactly how you’d think they would in 2017: by making an emergency landing. As Gizmodo mentioned, it wasn’t that long ago that another traveling troll thought it would be awesome to pull the same prank. Except that individual went with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in an attempt to maximize hilarity during the height of the infamous battery explosion fears.Once the plane touched down in Khartoum the crew conducted a thorough security check, gave the all clear, and the passengers were allowed back on the plane. 99 of them probably pretty ticked off about some tool throwing a wrench into their travel plans (along with possibly some short-lived fears about the plane beingAccording to Reuters’ report on the incident, Turkish Airlines didn’t reveal whether or not its staff had identified the passenger who was responsible — or whether that person had at least been given a swift slap upside the head before being allowed to re-board.As a reminder, border crossings, airports, and airplanes aren’t the best places to crack wise at this particular juncture. Transport safety is kind of a going concern, and there’s a good chance you’ll get the book thrown at you.It’s all fun and games until someone gets a cavity search. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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