Video Game Sequels That Didnt Deserve to Be Made

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first_imgStay on target Final Fantasy XII-2 and 3We don’t blame Square Enix for making direct sequels to Final Fantasy XIII. Like many Japanese devs, they were blindsided by HD development. And they spent so much time and money making FFXIII they had to make some cash back with recycled assets. Plus, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII are just hilarious names for video games. Metal Gear SurviveMetal Gear Solid is one of the greatest sagas of video games, a single narrative with roots in the NES days tackling everything from nuclear deterrents to nations’ disregard for soldiers to the grave threat of tanks with legs. And each time it also delivered best in class stealth gameplay. So of course after unceremoniously firing MGS mastermind Hideo Kojima publisher Konami turned the franchise into a bland and boring zombie survival game. Bionic Commando 2009The original Bionic Commando is an NES classic. It introduced countless players to the simple joys of a grappling hook. Plus you could blow up Hitler’s head. So obviously we needed a gritty grey 2009 reboot starring a white dude with dreadlocks mourning over his dead wife, whose soul lives on in his bionic arm. Really. Gears of War JudgmentEverything I just said about God of War Ascension also applies to Gears of War Judgment. Just swap out some proper nouns. Even the acronyms are close enough. Star Wars Battlefront IIThe first (well, third) Star Wars Battlefront was a pretty but empty game, clearly rushed to coincide with The Force Awakens and make a bunch of cash. There was room to grow with a sequel. But while Battlefront II did add more content like a decent single-layer campaign, any goodwill paled in comparison to the sheer ire it drew from players, and government officials, with its gross free-to-play mechanics. Sorry, You Can’t Date Keanu Reeves in ‘Cyberpunk 2077”Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form Resident Evil 6The Resident Evil series has had its ups and downs. And Resident Evil 5 was a step down from 4. But even that racist game seems like gold compared to the loud, bloated mess that was Resident Evil 6. Any pretense of horror was thrown out for dumb cinematic action, bad shooting, and a story that had nowhere to go since Wesker was taken off the board. It took the complete reboot Resident Evil 7 to fix this disaster. God of War AscensionGod of War III ends with Kratos murdering the Greek gods, and then himself, after unleashing hope on the world. God of War 2018 continues his story in a land of Norse mythology while he raises his son. But in the meantime we also got a pointless prequel because the PS3 needed another big game at the end of its extended life cycle. Bomberman Act ZeroBomberman Act Zero is like a parody of awful design trends from the beginning of the Xbox 360 era. It took a colorful classic Japanese gaming mascot and turned him into an awful generic 1990s aggro dude-bro Master Chief clone. And it also ruined the gameplay. We wouldn’t blame you for thinking this game is a hoax. Video games, like all big media these days, love sequels. Why sell just one game when you can sell countless games in one (or several!) beloved franchise? And some of the best games of all time are sequels that build on the work of their predecessors. They make improvements without having to throw out everything that already works. There are tons of games we’d love to see get sequels.But not all sequels are created equally. Some sequels just should not have been made. Sometimes it’s a bad sequel that doesn’t live up to the legacy of the original. Or other times it’s a great game that’s still inexplicable because it’s the sequel to a bad game nobody was asking for. Whatever the reason, these are video game sequels that didn’t deserve to get made.Rage 2The reason we were so shocked to see Rage 2 leak out of Wal-Mart Canada is because no one ever needed a follow-up to Rage. At one point the next big thing from iD, Rage was technically impressive but didn’t make nearly the same impact as Doom or Quake. Fortunately, the sequel seems much more promising, leveraging Avalanche’s Mad Max post-apocalypse development talents as well as the near-perfect shooting of Doom 2016.AdChoices广告 Red Steel 2The launch of the Nintendo Wii and its revolutionary motion controls was almost dreamlike. And Red Steel offered the ultimate gamer dream of precise gun and sword gameplay (as well as the dream of being a white dude killing Yakuza to rescue his Japanese girlfriend). The dream was a lie, but the game did well enough to get a sequel that was barely connected and also much better thanks to a killer art style and improved motion controls. The Goonies IIThe Goonies is a bad movie that is beloved for dumb Gen-X reasons. It doesn’t deserve the love. And it definitely didn’t deserve a pretty decent NES Metroidvania tie-in that advertises itself as a sequel.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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