Clark County residents use more water than US average

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first_imgKeeping with a long-running trend, Clark County residents are using less water on a daily basis than they have in years past. But they’re still using more than the average American.The USGS National Water Use Science Project estimates that Clark County residents used about 88 gallons of water per capita on a daily basis in 2015. That is a considerable decline from 102 gallons per day in 2010.As it has for nearly seven decades, the USGS National Water Use Science Project estimates water usage around the U.S. every five years and releases its findings in a report. The report estimates water use and features an overview of total population, public supply use, the population served by public systems and the domestic deliveries to those users, as well as and the population served by self-supplied domestic water systems. The latest document examines 2015 and was published last fall.The finding points to a considerable conservation of freshwater at the local level, but the local per capita use in 2015 is still 6 gallons higher than the national per capita rate of 82 gallons per day.Tyler Clary, water systems and engineering program manager for the city of Vancouver Public Works, said per capita use of city water was around 185 gallons per day in the mid-1980s, but that figure continuously decreased until the early 2000s when it started to level off. When the Great Recession hit, water consumption dropped considerably.last_img

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