Behind America grapefruit aunt Chinese type pinch routine another big merger comes

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Abstract: throughout the

and fast drops, drops and yuho Chinese, 58 city and Ganji, the U.S. group and, Ctrip and where several large mergers and acquisitions since the beginning of 2015, almost as a prelude to pinch each other to tear all before the merger. In the U.S. grapefruit and aunt do mutual tear behind the national discount fraud, D round and other issues are also difficult to ignore.

20:23 in the evening of August 15, 2016, blasting data fraud news fired in the venture capital circle have beautiful shaddock in the raise a Babel of criticism of, WeChat public statement on the fraud data message is a rumor, and said "have mastered a company commissioned by public relations firm plan and promote the rumors about the evidence", directed at rival aunt the black strokes.


20 minutes after being placed, the satellite data refers to the financing aunt immediately said in a statement that its operation is stable, rapid income growth, a new round of financing is nearing completion and will release a new product at the end of the year.


is a "hit where it hurts" each tear Jianrugaochao, behind the ups and downs of the story, the two users overlap, business model is identical, financing rounds similar start-up companies, is the shift or shake hands? Chinese pinch behind entrepreneurial company fraud routines, star creative enterprise financing phenomenon it is worth pondering.

homogenization behind the continuous

beauty grapefruit and aunt do between incompatible almost throughout its history.


in May 2012 established the first, grapefruit in the United States before it has received the funds it real angel investment. In April 2013, grapefruit on-line. Because the trademark is registered, half a year later renamed forced us grapefruit grapefruit. In this regard, the U.S. grapefruit party lists the evidence points to aunt do trademark Wulong behind, its founder Chen Fangyi even boasted, "you know, listen, these names are no brand, just like what you have to do a flashlight software, you put the software name called a flashlight."

Then, the

tit for tat boxing to feet to continue to occur. Earlier media reports, in April 2014, the first anniversary of the establishment of the U.S. grapefruit, two of the third party organization released a report, the U.S. grapefruit has been catching up with aunt in the core data, become the first in the industry. But then on the U.S. grapefruit data fraud news exposure. There is news that the U.S. grapefruit began manufacturing fake data contact third party organization "from the fourth quarter of 2013, in order to improve the indicators, improve the valuation of the market, to attract financing. The aunt of the relevant person in charge said at the time, the U.S. grapefruit data fraud is an organized, premeditated, in order to achieve the purpose of financing to deceive investors.

behind it, the two companies are highly homogeneous, market competition and mutual incompatibility of financing is its direct cause.

grapefruit and aunt you are going to start from the female menstrual management, after obtaining a large number of users, access to electricity.

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