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recently, I stand to network promotion focus on increasing the chain, the chain increased one can increase the weight of the website, also can bring an extra PV. in the increase of the chain at the same time, we encountered a lot of trouble, some website PR or not, there are different sites with their own you can link the website. This success is a hard thing to.

Google in the evaluation of a website PR value when the value of the most important points are: the number of inbound links, the importance of import links itself. So sometimes we will be very positive to do the chain, always no matter how many do, sometimes not value the PR value and whether it is similar, it is a link to the website, it made a full page. But the effect how? The effect seems not so good. So when doing the link, we must pay special attention to whether this website and the same, if you do not link with similar sites, such as search engine you are neither fish nor fowl website, a very low rating but for the time. Page links, general search engine is not included, a few similar links the PR value high site is can increase the weight of your site.

but with some very low PR value links is not what flow. The link PV is taller than me too much, which is equivalent to the others to do promotion. Each website search engine will be a score, and scores of high site Baidu, Google are very friendly. For example, high PV value is rich, low PV value is poor. The rich man’s friend is rich, poor friends are poor. So we should own website. And so to link your site than PV slightly higher or lower site. But the links do not link the server sent over the web, the number of links basically is 101.

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