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every Monday to Friday evening at 11 points will be broadcast in the Oriental TV, I’m crazy for entrepreneurship, I probably saw at least one of the 2/3. In fact, compared to the "win in Chinese", the program’s input, the levels of the participants and judges are known to be a lot worse, after all, this program is for youth (college or not to 30 year olds) entrepreneurs to provide angel fund, so small quantity, small investment is normal.

said today look at this program, the last remaining three players A, B, C project is as follows:

participants A project, a focus on the network security industry training institutions. Target users should be the enterprise (IT), enterprises and institutions (Information Center) of the relevant person in charge, to improve their network security capabilities, better service their units. This is my summary for his, should be more accurate, in fact, he did not do concise and comprehensive. The market demand for this project is certain, and it is really great. Network security industry is the rise in recent years, the talent gap is relatively large, and many practitioners have a wealth of experience and sufficient knowledge, once encountered a problem and can not timely correct response, it will cause immeasurable losses to enterprises. The problem with this project is that the A company’s training institutions whether there is sufficient practical experience, because users do not only need the theoretical level of things. There are too many experts in the network security industry, they are playing for a product or service integrated company, they are fighting in the first line of contact with the user, truly, understand the latest trends in the current global users in the user is the most understanding of people in the room. Users every day to receive such a free training experts, with the exchange. Compared with the situation, whether the meaning of the training institutions is still as big as the imagination?. In other words, the user can always find a better understanding of the company than the A to do free training and exchange, but they will also be a solution to the problem, and the final implementation. This is a complete solution provider can do, training institutions can only survive in the cracks in the view.

participants B project, enterprise Internet behavior management software provider. As a matter of fact, I have just heard of his project, which is the one I know best. I have done a lot of training for a large number of foreign companies and government agencies, to provide a solution, or even follow the engineers to the customer room for demonstration and debugging. The market for the B project is also very large and will be a promising potential in the next few years. But the problem is that competition is too strong, foreign Websense is recognized worldwide as the largest web filtering (product name is not the same, similar products, domestic Netentsec), North source or SINFOR and so on, are more localized online behavior management products, I even touched for the function and development of the metamorphosis the Department of defense, terminal security software (not the concept of foreign Internet behavior management), participants B and how they should.

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