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        About Baidu included new sites, can be said to be a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Voices can be heard without end, all kinds of articles are often seen, however, why there is always a lot of people ask: why Baidu not included my site? Of course, it has a certain relationship with some novice level. But also with the recent changes in the new Baidu audit policy has a great relationship. Today, I would like to use my new site for half a month’s experience to share with you how to let the new station and a certain number of Baidu rankings!

I didn’t do the hobby, technology, ah, SEO ah, nothing. Today, several stations Baidu included are good. Inevitably. In the article, because it said clearly, you don’t go to see never mind, because these stations are not for the owners,


        half a month ago, I built a new station, South Korea clothing network (, the domain name was registered in January 12, 2008. A week after the registration site, after my hard work, my Korean clothing network on the line. After the line, and many webmasters, like every day to see traffic statistics, see Baidu is not included. But left and right, and so on, is not seen Baidu included my station. As a webmaster of me, and of course the heart anxious, but it is no way. But I know, as long as my site content is good enough, clear positioning, Baidu will be included in my station. I updated regularly every day to find some of their own material, try to be original. In the morning of January 31st, I finally found the Baidu included my station, and included more than and 500 pages, don’t mention how happy. More happy, on the morning of February 1st I see webmaster statistics, even Baidu to more than and 30 IP, which "clothing collocation" one word is in the Baidu page second, for a new station, I am very satisfied with this result, Baidu is undoubtedly the greatest encouragement before I work.

          I think my new site was included in Baidu, I mainly do the following efforts:

    1, original articles. Baidu is very necessary for the original, but also good weight.

    2, create Baidu space. New sites can create a website with their own Baidu space, and then add some articles in the space and attached to their web site. Of course, if you feel the space to build trouble, you can also go to the Baidu space home ( to find some space to recommend, and leave a message in their space and can also speed up the link included.

    3, Baidu know post replies. Baidu know column in Baidu search in the weight is very high, in Baidu know the program can also speed up the post post included. You can pick

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