How to do short message marketing in real estate industry

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recently I often received some selling advertising messages like this message, in fact there are many, presumably a lot of people are accustomed to, SMS marketing is a common means of marketing, but also has a fatal flaw of SMS marketing, if you have received such advertising messages, certainly dislike. So do SMS marketing is to grasp the sense of propriety, pure spam will not play a very good effect in marketing, SMS marketing and WeChat marketing are very similar, marketing and promotion point, therefore must grasp the marketing object, to achieve precision marketing is not easy. For the real estate industry, how to do marketing messages? Of course, first of all have to think of a way to collect the customer’s mobile phone number, this is the first step of the marketing messages, then the content of the message, the last is some strategies and principles of SMS marketing. The following is the author’s point of view, welcome to participate in the discussion:

question 1: how to collect more potential customers mobile phone number

for the real estate industry, the object of SMS marketing is naturally those who intend to buy a house customers, real estate sales center will usually receive a lot of advisory prices customers can collect first hand the existing customers of the mobile phone number, also can collect more potential customers through the mobile phone number distribute leaflets etc.. This is to get those potential customers to contact us by way of the line, of course you can also collect customer information, use of the Internet platform such as a line of activity on the Internet, those who want to buy a house to attract Internet users to participate in, the way to collect the users of mobile phone number. As for what kind of activities have to carefully consider the next, as far as I know there are a lot of bulk SMS software, want to find a message is not difficult to mass tools. The key is how to find more potential customers, mass can not recklessly spam blindly, it can only cause a customer or user antipathy.

question two: SMS content should be written in order to attract customers

I noticed that

sent to the content of the message on my mobile phone are similar, the message content is crucial to the success of marketing messages, message content must not write too much words, this is similar with the micro-blog marketing, so the content of the message should be streamlined, but also to be able to attract customers to read carefully. The real estate industry can write some humorous SMS, SMS ads to of course information, for example: marriage is not to buy a house is to play rascal, pro, ready to buy? And then write their own advertising information, it may be able to attract customers to read the first sentence and then see if the ads, presumably a lot of people have no patience read on. So we also have to consider the customer’s psychological feelings or when doing the SMS marketing, the purpose of marketing is to see the real effect, blind group actually have little effect, the content of the message should be novel and creative, so as to attract customers to see, only the customer to look carefully the messages in order to play a certain marketing effect.

question three: SMS marketing needs

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