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I like simple things, simple lines, simple colors, simple methods, simple mode……

what is simple, I like the architect that sentence: less is more (less is more).

even if I am in trouble, it will be very simple to do.

WeChat marketing is very complex it is also very simple, but some people deliberately made very complicated.


marketing has been very fire, but also has been plagued by criticism, some time ago, the media is also involved in rendering WeChat friends sold fake, engage in MLM, direct selling…… How do you say, these things exist, any one of multiple platforms exist, but WeChat is more eye-catching.

actually, do WeChat marketing, if the method is inappropriate, is very hate, such as my WeChat, can receive several mass information everyday, open the circle of friends can see several people in shuabing. A few days ago, I made up my mind to give all these to black, too tired, has caused me harassment.

is said to be determined, because they are looking at my article to add my own, as fans, a little reluctant to join hands.

although reluctant, but I still pull the black, if it is an ordinary user or your potential customers to see you so endless trouble, as long as you pull black, do not believe you check.

how to check someone else to pull black you


method is as follows: WeChat right corner + number, initiating a group chat, then check the contacts you want to detect (a 39), then "OK", into the group, you can see the inside shows you add what people talk, what people do not pass through the people, those who did not that is, have you delete contacts. Into the group after not to make a sound, remember who you delete quit the group, this method compared to the beginning of August than that mass of information detection, the whole process did not know if the mass of information to detect, may not be effective, others minutes because you sending this one information and give you garbage pull the black.


why did you pull black


one of the main reasons: to disturb others. For example, the other side has no intention to become friends with you; you are sending information to disturb others; your circle of friends every day to send advertising, shuabing……

today, I provide a simple way to do WeChat marketing, can be more relaxed.

we split the WeChat marketing into four simple links: products, fans, circle of friends, clinch a deal.

a, product

must be reliable, can not be fooled, take the goods to be simple, this is not the focus, each WeChat marketing people have their own

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