Kim Dotcom loses No 1 spot in Modern Warfare 3 rankings

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first_imgKim Dotcom, the founder of file-sharing site MegaUpload is currently in a jail cell somewhere in New Zealand after pleading not guilty on charges of piracy. He is most likely sitting there concerned about his future, but he also has another thing to worry about today: his Modern Warfare 3 rank.As well as making millions from MegaUpload, Kim Dotcom is (was?) a serious Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 player. He is known as MEGARACER in-game, and just before 2012 came around, he managed to attain the No. 1 position in the multiplayer rankings after a session that lasted well over 7 hours. So pleased was he and his friends with the achievement, they filmed the session and posted this video celebrating the event on YouTube:Of course, being arrested means you can’t keep playing the game, and the inevitable has now happened. No. 2 player Arazos has continued playing and improved his stats to the point where he now ranks higher than Dotcom. Azaros’ impressive stats include 181,800 kills, 63,418 deaths, and a points total of 9.09 million. MEGARACER has 180,980 kills, 86,241 deaths, and 9.05 million points.Unless Dotcom has a great team of lawyers who can either get him out on bail, or have an Xbox 360 setup in his cell, he’s going to continue to fall down the rankings. For Azaros, it may be an empty victory as the guy he is replacing at the top has a great excuse for not playing the game at the moment.We’d say Dotcom has bigger things to worry about than MW3, but you don’t get to No. 1 without obsessively playing the game. It has surely registered at some point over the last few days that he’s lost the top spot, though. Read more at VentureBeatlast_img

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