Nintendo surprised HD games development requires double the staff

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first_imgNintendo took a very different approach to the current generation of gaming hardware. They focused on motion control and stuck with SD graphics for the Wii while Sony and Microsoft embraced HD. Gamers may have enjoyed those higher resolution graphics, but development teams soon realized larger teams were needed and producing games for the PS3 and Xbox 360 cost significantly more.Nintendo has been shielded from such costs and workloads for its first party games until now. But with the shift to HD on the Wii U, the company is facing the same problems many third party developers had to deal with several years ago, and it has certainly surprised the Japanese company.If you’ve been wondering why there’s been a lack of first party titles on the Wii U, this is a major part of the reason. Nintendo didn’t realize you need about double the number of people working on a HD game compared to an SD title, therefore projects have been under-staffed and that has led to delays.Shigeru Miyamoto admitted this when talking at Nintendo’s last shareholder meeting, and used the delay of Pikmin 3’s release as a key example. Nintendo just needed more people, and didn’t realize this until projects were underway and falling behind schedule.Now Nintendo has had time to understand what is required to get a Wii U game completed, future projects shouldn’t suffer the same problem. The company has also started using what they are calling the Nintendo Web Framework, which allows games to be developed and run using HTML5. Such games won’t replace key Wii U releases, but should at least mean we get more games coming to the system from shorter development cycles.last_img

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