QQ group a new profit model matures you can follow

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the first article, cautious and fat, has accumulated two years of QQ group experience, in this exchange with you. This model can emulate.

QQ group activities, the rise of 2 years ago, now part of the city to reach saturation, and even some competition QQ group dominated the city’s entertainment life, such as Hunan Changsha, Changsha bar is almost Changsha by all kinds of QQ group in earnings, set up a QQ group, exchange online and offline.

let me share my experience of building a group of 1 years, as well as the profit model, I did not succeed, because in the end all of my group all disbanded. The reason will be written below.

in the middle of 2007, I built a QQ group, after Changsha has a lot of, but the scale is small, the nature of the group is entertainment, organized activities, such as dinners, clubbing, outdoor travel, then Changsha bar single to consumption is very high, and one order also does not pay, so I to bars as the center, launched a series of propaganda, it is this group, for future development laid the foundation.

was my group is senior group, I only propaganda pulled 100 men, aged between 25-40 years old, so he organized offline activities, is full of AA, clubbing is generally about 50 yuan a person, rather than a single consumer is very affordable. In the activity, more men, women less, so he changed the mode of 50 men, 20 women, in this case, I have no profit, so the organization about half a year, I group by word of mouth has more than 1 thousand people, 6 senior group also organized a very little, during the activity, mountaineering, donations, travel etc..

in this case, I find the co owner of Changsha bar owner and entertainment, how much money fixed everyone against wine with ice Black Tea myself with the past, cost a lot less, I began to profit. The group Friends of AA is also relatively little money, male 40, female 10, so I have the competitive power. The group is still in development, to the middle of 2008, the number of the twenty thousand I, considerable profit, to see so many people, was looking for a Changsha major business organization, group purchase activities, failed, the reason is to participate in the activities of the group of friends are all love to play, and did not want to group purchase in the group so, give up the group purchase. During the organization of a group of friends to build entertainment, when the more than and 100 raised the money, ranging from 1000-1 per person to operate in a dividend mode, but less than half a month, due to the lot to expand the road, but also to give up.

at this time, I was still profitable, has many sponsors, ashtrays, lighters, was sponsored by the cup, chair, with my little house, so I send information within the group, to participate in the activities of small gifts, light hair gift made only half a month end.

A lot of enthusiastic boss

group, or company executives, often invite group of friends to play for free, because of this, my group of increasing influence, the middle of the development is not to say, in the end we and Tencent QQ group members.

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