MehrunNissa inspired from the Mughals

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first_imgAshima-Leena, known and recognised for their unique style, reflect the ancient traditions of Indian craftsmanship in a contemporary vocabulary. Ashima-Leena are proud to unveil their bridal/couture collection 2016, ‘Mehr-un-Nissa’ – a visual portrayal encapsulating the dichotomous flavours of Mughal Emperor Jahangir’s most beloved Queen. Dripping in diamonds and pearls, an artful visionary, Mehr-un-Nissa proved to be a beacon of femininity and modernity. Similar to an intricate tapestry wound together by golden silks, this whimsical soul was forged not only by classic values and a penchant for the arts, but also by social responsibility and an unbridled will. She transcended societal norms at the time, reveling in traditional roles and forms of study, as well as taking unprecedented interest in political and court affairs. Multi-faceted as she was, Mehr-un-Nissa, proved to be the epitome of a modern Maharani, strong willed and dedicated but doused in softness and femininity. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfAntique textile crafting weaves a narrative of juxtaposition, a tale that captures the refreshing youth of Mehr-un-Nissa’s spirit without forsaking richness and regality; richly adorned brocades are used in subtle shades – pastels and shimmering hues of gold are abound, contrasted with royal odhnis of unfettered colour akin to fuchsia, peacock green, and midnight blue. Adding dimension to what is reminiscent of Mughal rule, paisleys and florals are punctuated with modern streaks of pattern and vivid colour – antique textile crafting entwining stand-alone aesthetics to produce an air of innovative intricacy. The same technique transposes heavy and superfluous embroidery, lending buoyancy and royalty to traditionalism, a modern brush of beautiful detail. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveMehr-un-Nissa’s spirit resonates not only with luxury and grandiose design, but also with a quirky and boundary-breaking flair of style. During a period when the Mughal Empire was at the very peak of its power and glory, she dared to challenge what was expected of her, all the while unafraid to exhibit womanly charm. Similarly, Ashima-Leena endeavours to recreate a sense of Mughal royalty without relying upon redundant elements; class and innovation are the two ideals laced together to create a couture/bridal collection that exemplifies the lavishness of the time. Without forsaking vivacity, Ashima-Leena’s bridal/couture collection 2016 is translated through a classic aesthetic and tailored to a woman who is both charismatic and influential – a modern depiction of Mehr-un-Nissa, today’s modern Maharani. Prominence on textile, attention to detail, fabric development and complex grand embroideries are the trademarks of the ingenuity of the brand.last_img

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