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reported January 7th hunting cloud network (Translation: white)

hunting cloud network note: the early bird catches the worm. In this new year, summarizes the changes in the past year the industry occurred in various science and technology industry professional marketing professionals on the one hand, one hand began non-stop to predict future changes in a year may occur. The first time to seize the opportunity is based on the industry, decided to look at the news before the sales director Jonathan Sills in 2015 brought big market sales.

in today’s high-tech market, a successful sales person must have a keen sense of insight and extremely rapid response to the ever changing technology. That is to say, whether it is the latest function caught Facebook in the first time to bring, or the customer groups further subdivided, or is the first step to find other companies a new super marketing platform, are the key to success. Of course, some of these established market principles and methods can be followed, but more is not the same opportunity and challenge every year. Who can be the first to see the fresh situation, who can win at the starting line, open the door to new markets.

2015 is a year full of new opportunities and new challenges.

hold the idea that there have been a number of CEO and market leaders to consult me about the future market trends, some of the dialogue, I decided to take out and share. In order to improve the quality of content, before sharing and I seek further this year. Some Dujuhuiyan sales staff opinions and feedback, they fought in the rapid development of science and technology industry for many years, any wind sways grass can detect in the first time. The following is in 2015, as a professional marketing staff should be aware of the dynamic.


Google will push custom audience solution, similar to the Facebook ace features

The launch of

digital advertising will continue to move towards personal identity as non personal behavior. So, in the "who you are" and "what are you doing," this option, boldly put the weight of the former.

One of the

Facebook ace advertising products is to provide customized audience "upload function, the advertiser’s list of consumers with these consumer social accounts Association (of course, it must follow all the privacy policy), which allows advertisers more accurate coverage of their target consumer groups (and similar groups).

For example,

, an online sales of parts of the company can be uploaded in Facebook on their most loyal customer data file, then the company can push the new product launch and progress directly to these loyal customers. Goog>

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