You know WeChat marketing but you may not be able to understand it

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WeChat marketing concept called now is also a number of years. As WeChat continues to mature, WeChat marketing through its one of the most tender stage. Compared to the beginning of WeChat marketing chaos, now WeChat’s internal environment to share much better than the first, whether it is a public number or circle of friends, apparently with the order. All regulations made us think marketing environment is mature enough to us to go out. Can the fact is that so? Facing the marketing enthusiasm of all the rush on like a swarm of hornets whether everyone, harvest what you want? I do not think so, WeChat marketing you know, you know, but you’re not really true how to operate it.


marketing tactics to The students surpass the teacher. master. WeChat is a new environment that is different from micro-blog’s public information in the world, the acquaintance relationship as the link, relying solely on the focus and exposure degree are simply suicidal, look at their own circle of friends, how many people pulled the black, you know WeChat marketing the change must be reasonable. In fact, think carefully, you will understand that WeChat is essentially a social product, it is based on the environment and the soil is still a share like life, like the friend to play what game, the friend to eat what. Simple, novel, fun things are often able to win everyone’s curiosity. Nervous cat, beauty products such as why can find their own marketing at WeChat in the breaking point, in the final analysis on WeChat properties, spotted point users rely on WeChat, with a product readme form, share with a user in the form of indirect let friends know that this product is not promotion the rude and

is more effective?

WeChat marketing should be firmly positioned in the audience melody. Most of the time we just talk about, marketing to face the audience, but in the specific implementation of the time to forget a lot of restrictions. See a large user base in the market, most people will become blind talking, so this is why WeChat marketing is always too many people lonely cause. In this process, we must not be self-centered, think what do you do, such as cosmetics, according to the theme of people must be the young women, so in marketing, people skills are to pay special attention to user attributes. Marketing will do precise, so people are not difficult, the difficulty is that you can not all the rules are set at a point, a strong executive power is the biggest marketing we do hom. In fact, there are many WeChat marketing, such as the God of wealth, he advocated the beauty of marketing is also an old topic, steps are relatively easy to understand, after all he is to look for their users are male, then according to mining circle can be strong, so that now earn gold if you can fight. To do so, then a wealth is obviously to you.

In fact, WeChat

also need practical copy for marketing circle of friends, some friends will think paranoid exposure, more gimmicks, multi way out of the frightful to the ear, in fact, change a thinking angle, if you in the circle of friends saw a curious.

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