How to use Baidu H space promotion website

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I do stand 1 years, personal experience summary

1: often visit the major webmaster forum

2: make full use of free blog site, multi transliteration blog, used to attract major web site traffic

3: the use of various types of space: Here I would like to talk about Baidu HI:

              my HI is; is mainly to promote the theme, content to be practical, not too exaggerated, with the appropriate color paper is also possible, so the user’s attention was my strong gravitational pull. Maybe it will come one! Baidu HI to be fully prepared to RSS and link function, so others can see a.

article to a lot of updates, every day to a 5 update, from Baidu’s list is also possible, this information is relatively fresh, there is a potential!

4: do the content, can not have a lot of garbage, my B2B station user participation is very strong, PV reached 1:20!

5: pay attention to the credibility of their website, there is no pop-up box!

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