2 cases to tell you Baidu how to achieve the ultimate marketing

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Baidu is a huge system, but each product is a small individual. An individual how to do marketing to the extreme, lit the market?

general manager of Baidu Guangzhou branch assistant Li Xiaolong in Tian An Guangzhou Panyu energy saving technology park, the 2015 horse race horse class Guangzhou Railway Station, to share the Baidu marketing strategy. Baidu cloud OS system failures and intelligent hardware chopsticks search success, Li Xiaolong observed through two cases and comparison of years of Baidu marketing market, told mystery of enterprise marketing is to make full use of big data to the user as the core, good service.

marketing story

every day with Baidu, we see a lot of time just beautiful bright side of Baidu, Baidu has more success, more cattle, focus on doing the search, how many good products.

but here to share with you the case, Baidu is not so successful case: Baidu cloud OS system. This is a mobile phone operating system, and at the beginning did not brush the concept, then the phone can hit the dead, do not brush. A brush, a lot of people start their own system, because many smart companies found that mobile phone system is a very good to seize the entrance of the Internet, smart mobile phone with what system, we basically will use this system with APP. When done especially well is now a particularly successful millet, they began to do MIUI system, Baidu is jumping, we put all the Baidu research and development of APP, or APP has been successfully put up, we believe that there are so many Baidu search users, will allow more users to accept the Baidu cloud OS system. So this system from the beginning to the present three years, probably in 120 million, at the beginning of this year has nearly about ten million users, but in May it stopped updating, and announced that this system does not do.

why? Baidu found a problem, this system is not for the user, this is actually very critical, especially in the mobile Internet, we say everywhere experience with users, we do not provide users and students, but to more share of the mobile market, so a lot of things that we do now is a mistake. For example, our system integrates a lot of Baidu’s own research and development of APP, we take Baidu’s loyal user when the mouse, this practice we think is wrong, so stop it.

Experience with Baidu

can fail this gives us a wake, currently in the mobile phone system of regional environment has been mature, unless you have a subversive system, otherwise it’s very hard to get a large number of loyal users. The system is a subversive system different from Android and IOS, Baidu have so large, but Baidu invested heavily, and so as to cooperate with the best manufacturers, such as our cooperation with Lenovo, let us focus more on doing their own thing.

then I said to you about the "chopsticks"

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