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forum can effectively play the role of information transmission, interactive information, the forum is an open and relatively high degree of autonomy of the information platform. Only to do the essence of the forum, the forum to promote reasonable methods, in order to improve the popular forum forum propaganda out in traffic, Seoer will talk about today Xiyuan forum basic construction steps:

a, select the theme of the forum, the corresponding distribution.

is every kind of forum to emerge in an endless stream, go out of their way in the competition, you cannot do without positioning on the theme of the site, you are doing computer class entertainment, industry and so on, the new launch, difficult aspects, Goods are available in all varieties., are included, can only make the site quickly do method that is the site to do fine, do it fine. How can we do fine? It should be considered whether can have a professional website positioning, for example, you want to do a computer class website, may choose a computer more fine to do, such as computer hardware, software, graphic design, network information, catch a small class, in the careful study, around the theme, formulate the corresponding section.

two, forum content filling

when the theme and the development section after, in front of the first is the forum content fill, or even after the user enters, can’t find the right content, or content scanty, increase the user test, all bounce rate, so the content should pay attention to the following:

1, looking for peer site, select some professional, click on the rate of the post, forwarded in.

2, can use the form of serial stick post promotion, make a good topic, with one day in the form of Everfount can improve the post reply post, authoritative and collection rate.

The number of

3, post, each forum forum posting not less than 100 posts, post too little, when visitors, a short time will be able to read, or enter the content rarely, scanty, will also affect the website trust, website can not increase the conversion rate.

three, forum maintenance

"as Rome was not built in a day, a good website is not a day to do it as" the development of the forum, management cannot do without their hard work, should always pay attention to user replies, the appropriate reply to participate in discussion, can attract more users to participate, improve the site’s popularity, but also reasonable according to the time, some of the old post, Shen posts, top up, back and forth, back and forth cycle of ZhengZhan content better, also can make old posts can also put some take on an altogether new aspect, the regular activities of users, as the administrator, so let us together with the maintenance of the forum, people more power, in order to forum management.

remember, do not do it for the SEO forum, to focus on the user experience, in order to attract more users to participate, do the forum, or even in the search engine to get more traffic, not to improve website popularity, the forum is empty. >

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