Only the use of hot events can absorb powder drainage ndulge in wishful thinking

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recently a lot of hot events, endless, thus, but also to promote the promotion of hot marketing hot drainage method.

many friends are also eager to want to smoke powder by hot marketing.

but I want to say is that the powder suction drainage use only hot events can? Oh,

day dreaming!

a, hot events why bring traffic explosion point?

event marketing, which is popular with leveraging the traffic burst event points.

first, because the hot event itself is a day or a few days of concern, the focus of discussion.

two is because hot events can cause traffic to generate independent search behavior.

this is why many brands in the promotion of the network, keen to carry out event marketing, is the formation of hot spots with hot spots whirlpool.


two, simply relying on hot events is not enough to attract sticky fans

network promotion routines are fixed, that is, to create bait to guide the user’s attention, in order to achieve the purpose of promoting drainage.

use hot events to promote the drainage of the event marketing, in fact, is the hot event material as bait, through the soft text, video, pictures and other forms to promote drainage.

is a popular event with high gas to himself.

for example.

brush circle of friends last year, the traffickers are the death penalty, which we should have seen it.

we do not want to discuss whether the marketing behavior is successful, whether it is reasonable, whether it is ethical, the first time aside,

we’re just talking about the marketing principle.


this marketing, they choose to spread the platform is based on WeChat.

content selection, they choose to be on the sale of children’s hot news, with its guidance, to promote a "traffickers are all death penalty". This is the use of emotional marketing, using the mass for traffickers abhor, for abducted children and families of sympathy, for the protection of children’s mentality.

at first glance, this marketing behavior is also covered with a human touch,

before the hot spots, but the real circle of friends is the use of emotional marketing, because people are emotional animals.

really beat people’s emotions, is the basis for the promotion of drainage success.

again, Wang Laoji.

Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, is the pain in the eyes of everyone.


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