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first_imgWilbert Das, Creative Director of Italian label Diesel, launches a fully independent project, the UXUA Casa Hotel (pronounced oo-SHOO-ahh) located in Trancoso, a colorful fishing village on Brazil’s idyllic Bahian coast.Situated on the historic ‘Quadrado’ – a grassy hilltop square closed to traffic except for the occasional horse – UXUA’s unique 1 – 3 bedroom houses are self-catering or fully serviced according to preference. The units are complemented by a one-of-a-kind aventurine quartz swimming pool (aventurine an alluring green stone considered by many to possess powerful healing qualities), a restaurant, lounge, library, gym, spa, and a dedicated beachfront annex constructed of grounded fishing boats set beside ocean mangroves 5-minutes walk from the Quadrado.Three of the UXUA houses are restored from traditional fishermen’s homes and face directly onto the Quadrado, and the remaining six (including a multi-level treehouse made entirely of recycled wood) are nestled around pools in a lush tropical garden of flowers, fruits, and towering cocoa and jackfruit trees.Wilbert conceived the entire UXUA project as a tribute to the region of Bahia and its dynamic people. Built with the collaboration of a group of talented local artisans and builders skilled in recycled materials and traditional construction methods, the project has taken two years to realize.The resulting architectural mix showcases southern Bahian and Indian influences alongside a rustic modernism that nods to Wilbert’s work in contemporary fashion and furniture design. The houses are each unique in every feature. Décor is composed of antiques and Bahian art as well as hand-made furniture and fixtures crafted on-sitewww.uxuacasahotel.com/last_img

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