The webmaster can also learn Song Zude shameless promotion hype skills

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  Song Zude no De, but also can get the entertainment to raise a Babel of criticism of the impetuous entertainment era of downtown, also so quickly became famous, even by all TV stations and blocked, even after being despised by all peers, but he also got another success, at least on the network and a bunch of a bunch of suitors. If you don’t know Song Zude can baidu search it.

  this is also from another aspect to the revelation of personal webmaster more, why can’t we learn to flow in this shameless network world. He can quickly learn to become popular, perhaps also hang a piece of X or a XX sister’s windfall.

  below to talk about how to learn Song Zude. He is actually a network promotion and hype of textbooks, currently has the network department in the study of his life, and so on, should also become network promotion in the history of sunflower.

    as an entertainment director, whether they are big or small guide guide, it is the director, mercilessly broke the news director and entertainment scandal: the man as a web site, whether large or small website website, can come into contact with a lot of net station insider, insider friends that can put the message to others as a topic of stealth, can be reported by the government according to a certain website today, tomorrow to the NASDAQ Moumou spam sites.

    as a famous director, can quackish luankan, and celebrity hook, this station is also very easy to learn, you can blow, in 2006 of a winter morning, my Chinese station was the largest search engine Baidu, as partners, to my site included.One morning,

      speculation is the need to sacrifice, whether to sacrifice themselves at the expense of others, in order to sacrifice the nerve, anyway, to. Put a small handle others mercilessly extension, Li Shanyou went to the baidu about something, you can declare Li Shanyou stationed in Baidu is responsible for the news, good fried, fried bones, the individual owners can list ranking, get into second place, can not hurt you, say your web site is the acquisition of a portal, the price with you, do not pay taxes. No sacrifice, no sacrifice, no sacrifice, no blood, no effect. I would not dare to write more deeply, because I still can’t sacrifice my skin, according to personal.

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