7 words formula Summary of network promotion practice

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network promotion is an important part of network marketing, is to enable users to see the key products through the network. Many companies attach great importance to the promotion of the network, ready to publish a large number of Web sites in the forum information, but encountered a lot of problems. This extension, the network brings attention to matters of Martha network promotion practice.

a long term to do from the media, to find a high ranking in the short term.

here are two concepts, long term and short term. First, long term, to promote the promotion of products, the best way is to do from the media, such as micro-blog, WeChat public number, blog, etc.. Since the media’s biggest advantage is that we want to how to advertise, you can how to advertise, do not accept restrictions, as well as a large group of fans, the product sales probability is very high. But the disadvantages are also obvious, too much time and energy. Fans from the media, no one is rich in content, careful operation, requires a lot of time and energy. How to see the results in the short term, the answer is to do a high ranking website promotion. Determine what your product belongs to the industry, and then search engine search industry keywords, the top five pages, we have to do to promote the site. In particular, community forums and other interactive more sites, in compliance with the requirements of the situation through the website, post, reply: product information, etc., can receive good results.

Two, choose the

industry is very important, the subject can not be less long tail.

to choose their own industry, is the industry’s first people to associate, selling skin care products to military forum messages, the effect certainly worse than many to the beauty industry forum, followed by the keyword to be accurate, choose not to sell excavator promotion "excavator" keywords, and to promote the "crane" results, as can be imagined not ideal. The main keywords are sure to make great efforts to do the promotion, to bring users the most accurate, but there is a skill, if the main keyword competition is very big, can moderate through the long tail word force, the long tail word well, bring the flow is also very objective.

three, soft writing want to be good, keep the chain and marketing.

soft is a common way of network promotion, a good soft Wen can affect a lot of people. However, in addition to the basic skill of writing, but also should pay attention to the direction of the soft, that stage is outside the chain of soft or soft paper marketing. The chain, the purpose is very simple, is to be released outside the chain, as long as the chain is inserted properly, can send links to sites generally, there is a need to pay attention to the nofollow tag site can only be included, not to transfer the weight. The marketing of soft paper is difficult, to choose the release site, news source, the soft text of the requirements are relatively high, there should be no obvious marketing information, may also be related to the exposure time, a series of articles on rhythm, attitude, as far as possible, causing the spread and controversy. Therefore, want to write what kind of soft Wen, for saving time and energy costs, has very important significance.

four, know the website weight is high, can not obviously advertise.

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