E mail is the most acceptable way to network marketing

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mail is the most acceptable way of network marketing recently, media design state of the University of Baltimore and precision marketing center an interesting study. The study involved people receiving habits, preferences, different people how to treat the media role and how to dig the best sales channels, etc..


researchers found, whether direct mail or email marketing, in contributing to people to buy, far more than any other type of social network advertising more convincing. A key result of this study shows that people aged 18 to 34 are more likely to be affected by email marketing information.

this is a terrible news for social network advertising. The social network has been used to study the market segments, these market groups including teenagers, college students and young housewives, but these sales information sometimes and not allow consumers to resonate. In some cases, social network advertising is actually imposed on the audience, the user will think it is a violation of the privacy of the sales channels; for our inbox, this is also a bad news. Because this study confirms that spam can also use this tool for unbridled marketing.

below is the study’s findings for 5 types of people:

young housewife: more than 50% of the use of social network and SMS, and they are better able to deal with direct mail and email marketing.

retired consumers: 80% of them had an online shopping experience, and more than 94% of them were affected by the impact of email marketing information.

cable consumers: 20% subscribe to the marketing information through SMS, which is higher than any other group. However, they just want to be a customer service, to resolve disputes channels, rather than to sell.

college students: the study found that college students are very smart, they believe that e-mail is a private communication channels, and text messages and social networks should also limit marketing.

teens: they prefer to use social networks as compared to other user groups. But surprisingly, they are most likely to choose to go through the mail marketing information shopping, followed by e-mail, text messaging, and finally the social networking site.

which group do you belong to? You may email marketing, instant messaging, SMS or social network interested? Social network should be canceled if market restrictions? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and opinions of

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