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people to real, fire to virtual. The site and life. Over time the site was the horse, surprised, have never seen such a website, DIV, TABLE mix, in addition to the IE6 in the browser is not compatible with other serious! Content is very detailed and true, every little flow. That was the feeling of pity, it feels like a very healthy baby was abandoned in the wilderness like


took over, immediately make snap revision! All DIV+CSS positioning, exquisite pictures, static rewriter, like less! SEO good location of their target population, the population optimization keyword! A little more than a month, in addition to the site background, other layout finally came, this time, Google also gave me a surprise: PR from 3 to 4! Oh, that kind of labor to be recognized in the sense of celebration drink, set up the SEO

grand plan!

1, according to the area of Optimization: before we external connection is now changed to Chollima talent network, Yiwu talent network, Yiwu talent network and the regional maxima, emphasis, relevant keywords and expression are normal.

2, for traffic, we do a lot of offline activities on the line, there are a lot of advertising swaps. Representative activities: resume show.

3, friendship connection control, and more inside the page connection (before this is not), PR4 all of the following into the inside pages.

4, assessment of the situation and the details of the stage, for this improvement;

5, to increase the construction of information columns and the number of articles quality control;

6, the optimization of your resume template (also the basis of the resume show)

7, the preparation of soft Wen, the first ADMIN5 (ha ha, with a few anti connection) address:

8, our slogan: Yiwu recruitment of the best results of the company, Yiwu’s most dynamic talent website!

a few months down, the effect is still very obvious. The flow rising, although not only real pay, would produce a good report! Keywords ranking up, (search for "Yiwu", "Yiwu talent", "Yiwu talent network", and "Yiwu talent") our rankings are significantly higher in Google maxima! Talent network "keyword also to the connection. New progress is a new beginning. The optimization of the horse, let me feel, do really like a child to care about him, cherish him! We have launched several channels at present, in the same industry leading. For example, the recruitment of Yiwu map, you can find the nearest company to recruit any position, such as resume move. Allows you to avoid duplication of registration, one step to complete the resume fill!

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