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I love thinking, I also love my thinking of things to tell you, maybe I think not what value, you may even think I’m AD, the first one, I think that the AD do not immediately shut down the page.

I do it according to the web experience, personal website has several breakthrough point, during a visit to the amount of 1000IP, 3000IP, 6000ip, 10000ip, 15000IP, I am now 15000 at such a point, not to go on. These days have been thinking about this issue, how to break through 15000IP.

website to do 1000IP is a relatively easy thing, the solution to this problem is relatively simple, do SEO, to the forum issued a poster, do a few friendship connection also reached. />

I’m going to use the following ways to solve this problem.

1: word of mouth publicity.
word of mouth is very important, individual ability is limited, personal webmaster do stand, technology promotion, operation are you busy busy here there, so word-of-mouth publicity is very important. The last time I was in the computer room with a machine, I suddenly found that several of my students are on the 51.com, I asked: how do you know this site, they answer: someone told him. Through a friend to a friend, a friend told him around the people, a website to promote the.

2: let visitors have a difference.
I these two days in doing this, I put some good stuff on the web page to hide, so that only special users can see, many of US users of this particular call him VIP, we can give a contribution to the visitor only they see, while others do not see something.

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