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most recently, the network marketing teams lined up customer orders soared. Has not been able to write a blog to share experience. A lot of business owners look for us to do network marketing, always thinking of ranking to do before, and then orders. I can understand this, companies can only sell products to make money. Because now a lot of companies doing search engine rankings, even ranked up, traffic, and the amount of sales is limited. Many business owners asked me why the ranking in the front, the turnover rate has been on it!

this question and so on to answer, first to tell a little story. The last time a friend of mine lost a bunch of lists to my team, the reason is that they do not rank. When the list is given to us, I will arrange the analysis website.

generally have the following questions:

1 server is not stable, slow to open (basically the company’s desire to take hundreds of cheap money to build a website)

2 keyword selection wrong (not very good grasp of the target customer search habits)

3 site itself does not do in the station optimization (website user experience is poor, the product description is simple to only a few words, picture size, etc.)

4 the construction of the chain of the poor (basically did not do the chain building)

in the process of communicating with friends, we found that their salesman is really able to flicker customers, many of which are to allow customers to do some traffic is not the word. Because a lot of business customers do not understand this, it is easy to be fooled. It is a pity that their SEO engineers, simply for the link, do the chain, the other do nothing. The results of a lot of bills. The boss couldn’t sit down and lost so much that he tried to outsource the list to us. At that time I wondered why it was so easy for us to operate. Later, they know that the SEO engineer is to sign up for a so-called SEO training classes, and then came to work. Not a bit of combat experience, not to communicate with customers to develop programs. No wonder the customer Voices of discontent.

this down to talk about why a lot of keywords ranking up, turnover rate is still not high. Mainly in two aspects, on the one hand because of the choice of key words have problems, traffic is not accurate, just like my friends above the kind of salesman fudge customers do some words. On the other hand, I want to talk about the topic today, when you go up the rankings, but there are a lot of customer choice, customers do not have to buy your product, which is the problem of conversion. As before, a sales clerk called me and asked me to invest in some shops. I said a lot of Real Estate Company called me. Why do I want to go to the place where you say you give me a reason, if the reason is sufficient, I can not refute, I will go tomorrow to buy. At that time, the salesman said a lot, but not a sufficient reason to convince me. Because a lot of Real Estate Company marketing tools are the same. Electricity is light

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