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in the talent website of the "big three" attack, talent webmaster struggled to survive from the cracks, staged scenes of "encircling the city" show: at the local site, domestic second city talent website operation three is prevailing; fine industry talent network is a macho a new way to kill, decisive, occupy according to various industries of high low-end talent network. In the local talent network and industry personnel network of careful maintenance, has made very gratifying achievements.

at present, in the Internet business are aimed at the prospect of local vertical websites or industry, network talent network and local industry also emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, but when many webmaster from previous, do the long tail flow, brush ranking used to transfer to now talent telepresence real gun knife line promotion, a lot of people are confused, so when farewell to keep every day in front of the computer to do optimization to the actual promotion, local talent network talent network and industry what are the same


through the comparison of http://s.www.0736zpw.com and http://s.www.nzrcw.com these two typical local talent network and industry talent network, we summed up in the promotion of some of the differences between the two.

1: the promotion of different venues

industry talent network because the enterprise is vast, promotion is also holding a high hit, field promotion for more in "visit", catch what field? Catch the exhibition, exhibition industry is the focus of the promotion for the talent network industry, every industry and every year around the exhibition held a regional or national in nature, so the industry talent network as in the visit, everywhere vertical billboard, name card etc..

local talent net promotion place is diverse, to the development of the talent market advertising and official rob food, have the various activities to the title, everywhere.

two: choose different media

industry talent network media advertising focused on CCTV this nationwide, such as Chinese agricultural talent network advertising on the choice of the CCTV agriculture channel, but also in such as "Chinese", "the Yangtze River Protection vegetable", "agricultural market Herald" advertising.

local talent network selection of TV media for the local TV station, coverage of the crowd was right. At the same time we can also see in various regions of the newspaper and the newspaper recruitment channels.

three: SMS promotion of different

industry talent network SMS promotion, through various channels to select the number of employees in the industry to conduct information dissemination, looking for numbers is a very troublesome and time-consuming project.

local talent network is a simple message to promote a lot, the local text messaging company has a considerable number of resources, can be completed in a short message release.

at present, the local talent network and industry talent network has emerged a large number of outstanding sites, but also achievements >

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