Tencent launched QQ merchants and QQ promotion or will become a new marketing tool

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today entered the Tencent set QQ online state, suddenly found more than two navigation QQ merchant and QQ promotion (URL: http://s.wp.qq.com/business.html). Began to think QQ business is similar to the enterprise QQ, in fact, otherwise. Enterprise QQ is charging, QQ merchants do not charge, the same QQ promotion is also free to apply, but QQ business users more, there will be value-added services charges. Tencent registered active users up to 800 million, but QQ has always been an instant chat tool, in terms of marketing as nothing. Tencent launched QQ providers and QQ promotion, which makes QQ not only become a communication tool to meet the needs of communication, but also a platform for access to life service information. Following the QQ group alliance (Zhida alliance) on the line, the launch of the QQ business and QQ promotion is also a necessity for.

QQ merchant

1) what is the QQ merchant?

has the right to use QQ communication components, at any time to provide customers with QQ consulting services, but also can customize the chat window on the right side of the rich display QQ master, called QQ merchants.

2) what are the advantages of the QQ business, how to become a QQ business


QQ find every day tens of millions of exposure opportunities, QQ search in the vicinity of the merchant for exclusive recommendation, allowing you to more accurately reach hundreds of millions of QQ users.

continuous and stable online service, simply fill in the basic QQ business registration information, and provide geographic information, you can become a QQ merchant.

3) QQ registered business charges, how long will it take


registered QQ merchants are free, as long as you provide a sound registration information, you can free QQ business registration process.

audit time is about 2-3 days, during this time, you can still use QQ communication component services. After the success of the audit, the right custom show will take effect, and will make you more likely to be found in the QQ user.

QQ promotion

1) what is QQ promotion, how to use


QQ promotion mainly refers to the use of QQ users QQ client platform and its advantages to other QQ users to promote their services platform. This allows QQ not only to become a communication tool to meet the needs of communication, but also a platform for access to life service information.

through the examination of the necessary information (personal identity card, money paid through real name authentication, etc.), you can quickly use the self-service QQ promotion platform.

2) have the qualifications to promote QQ, what resources can be obtained


unique quality resources: to 800 million per month to promote active users, and access to billions of dollars per day exposure.

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