WeChat public promotion always put the content of the choice and creation in the first place

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how to promote the public number WeChat this problem is to do all the people of the public platform WeChat are thinking about the problem, there is no final answer, each with its own channels and promotion. For their own is the best! E guest today do not talk about how to promote, talk about the importance of WeChat promotion content. Why do you say this? Because I found a good article, the amount of reading can bring in excess of your imagination, you can bring in excess of dozens or even hundreds of times on growth of fans, this is not bragging, this is true, there are a lot of cases. E guest Mr. He tried many times, found that the effect is very good, I have a public number of fans not to 100, but because of the amount of reading an article up to 15000+, the fans have more than and 500!! here is not to say what is the number, I am afraid to say advertising. The number of a friend of mine is also an article to read even more than 100000+, which is the importance of content!!

I have write the article mentioned that "WeChat burst paper", is to find the highest amount of reading the article you WeChat in the article, the article can resonate, into a burst of paper through various channels and methods, but this is a method of blasting paper is the need to spend a lot of time and energy in the early this is the article, and the creation of content selection.

most of the time, our article is not original, mostly copy or pseudo original, I did not say that copy is not good, also did not say no pseudo original, I want to say is that we should have a level of copy, copy to have value, when it is WeChat content, we can’t not so arbitrary, capricious, we need a special selection of main content of the article.

An article in

content directly determines the spread of your breadth and depth, only when your article is forwarded to more people share, the amount of reading times of growth, there will be amazing fans growth. Many people will ask Mr. E, said so much, we all know the importance of the content of the article, but how to choose it?

a, suitable for their public number positioning content;

is not a joke, what what beauty, what chicken soup can be made, the content must be related to the public, their own position, even a joke because your video reading soared, fans have soared, but later you will find your fans loss rate will be very high, because they are not your fans. There are differences with their first impression on you, naturally slowly cancelled. If we are related to the location of the article, to the fans and traffic are basically accurate, people are not interested in you, people pay attention to what you do?

two, the ability to generate resonance and recognition;

you like football, you like to travel, but you can not say how much rubbish Chinese football, you can not say that you Shenzhen Shanghai is the most beautiful city. Want to spread more widely, we need to resonate with fans and friends circle of friends, yes

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