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it’s been 2 years since he was a man. Recalling the past time, but filled with a thousand regrets.

when personal webmaster first feeling! Bitter! Second feelings! Tired!

06 years when I was still in college, the first site is a few friends to do the campus forum At first it was a hobby. So the first site to pay a special number of domain name, contact the server, update the content!

is a special description of the update, just do not know what to stand, do not know what kind of thing in the world called collection. Do not know ET, do not know the train head, do not know DEDE all manual updates. Tens of thousands of Posts all hand, then do not know the original search engine like. So did not modify the title, do not know how to modify the content oh. Do not know how to make false original! Such a day 18 hours have been copied paste.

really wants to suffer now. In order to increase the campus forum on the campus of the adhesion of their own printing leaflets, in order to more people know that the site in the open class table posted a note, but also in the office outside the blackboard posted a flyer. It is interesting to engage in guerrilla tactics, sanitation workers tear, we continue to paste. Of course, the result is a failure. Later on the line with the activities of the way to promote the development of the Campus Station: must be combined with offline activities.

graduated 07 years ago. For their own dreams, do not want to work for others, we decided to do a few friends stand alone. Xi’an college students community (domain name will not say). Failure. No money no resources can not be promoted)

a few sites have failed to give us a great deal of reflection on the reasons for their failure: 1 no money, no technology, 2. 3 limited capacity. No experience with a newborn calf is not afraid of the courage of the tiger (failure inevitable)

life has to continue, in order to make a living must earn money, not only for the Campus Forum ( 1K a month to live their own money, 08 years to do a movie station To make a lot of money for life.

08 years in May, I went to Hangzhou, now do the site operations, only to find their own shortcomings.

example of a few examples of failure is to tell the novice webmaster.

do stand, first of all to do their own website operation planning. Positioning their own website, the site’s profit model, the site for the product, or to the site as a platform, which is to rely on advertising revenue or earn money through the web site. How much upfront investment, investment time, how much is the development model?

now I don’t think SEO is very important! The important thing is the content, as long as the good content. Not afraid of low flow. Of course, it is not to say that SEO useless, SEO just help search engines better included your site!

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