Jialun sharing website promotion methods of five drug abuse

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drug for smoking after people have temporary pleasure and attracted many young people to try, at the same time because once addicted and is inextricably bogged down in body will become more and more bad, serious money loss or even undermine social order to destroy the family. So that all countries have included illegal drugs. In a variety of network promotion methods which I think there are some methods like drug have the same performance, the use of this method will make a rapid increase in site traffic, but traffic stop declining, making the site operators to long-term sustained release, operating costs increased, eventually reduced to work for the network marketing company.

is summarized in the following five ways in line with the "drug" characteristics of the promotion method, for reference only.


auction model is definitely one of the great business model in history, he created GOOGLE, a company like BAIDU, why their share price performance is so good, the rating is so high, very simple, this model makes their income is not capped, must have a deep feeling of putting the bidding advertising users. A few years ago keywords 3 cents a click already can not find, now at 1 yuan, the most expensive is said to have more than one hundred yuan, GOOGLE English bidding has more than $100. The bidding effect is very obvious and direct, so companies will have to continue the network search engine play money account, make a higher bid to get better ranking.

2 event marketing

do not know where to start on the Internet set off a wave of speculation, as long as you are bold enough, thick skinned enough, can be used for sacrifice, fame is not a dream. So the natural emergence of a number of companies to help you hype hype. Many companies are also attracted to this, do not seriously do the product, all day thinking about how to make their own business speculation overnight fame. I have encountered such entrepreneurs no less than ten, in their eyes that such speculation does not need to spend a lot of money can quickly become famous. In fact, behind all the hot events before there is a team in the carefully planned, will pay for the various media reports, please "post, so the cost is not small. At the same time after becoming famous, most are instant star, after two or three months there is a new event who will remember you, really like this Fengjie lotus, enduring hard to value.

3 site navigation advertising

said Baidu hao123 contributed 30% of total traffic, advertising sales a year several hundred million, so as long as the client software resources are beginning to do their own site navigation, and site navigation user groups are the primary users of the Internet, which is better in site navigation station advertising on the other platform. So the navigation station advertisement price is rising. In fact, this is the case, remember someone B2C entrepreneurs have done data analysis found that the navigation station does not bring

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