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is a very full weekend, go to the well-known media people blame the Muxixi 90 big boys Saturday Sunday about the WeChat marketing share, bestie went to see the reputation available Rainbow Night described "age 3", two seemingly unrelated events, essentially are inextricably linked. It is in the mobile Internet era to the fans, for marketing, offbeat interpretation of brand operation.

"time 3" after reading a lot of emotion, and a circle of friends: those who call me a little idiotic powder era, you do not deserve the enduring as the universe friendship, because you lack the basic belief of this innocence of long-term friendship and respect! Yes, in Guo Jingming’s view, let all people become their own fans. It is stupid of daydreaming, if some people think his positioning is little girl after 90, it is absolutely wrong, he should be infected just believe in friendship, 80, I have the honor to comprehend the essence of action, such as idiotic powder,

I am proud!

return to West teacher share, first listen to 90 "talk", the impact is too large, it is difficult to accept, until again chasing shadows "time", immediately understand, this is today’s era, I called to accept is friction and against the traditional thinking and new media thinking. Calm mood after summed up the four points, in my opinion, the teacher inspired West to share not only for the promotion of WeChat tactical strategy to share, and more is, open the door to the future thinking the door for you.

user location: the nets VS absolute subdivision

traditional marketing is like the nets, eager to reach 100% in order to function demands for the positioning of the users in the coverage and influence, now is completely different, the user group is no longer the age and function demands, geographical area as the basic principle, and more emphasis on subdivision, subdivision, since media account as the West teacher ordinary world attention after the push is introduced: you cannot read this stuff I play, you can’t play with me. I only can understand me, and I like everyone to play together. If you are a silly hat, you are a wood louse, I don’t play with you. Don’t bother you, this world people too much, I don’t have to be good to anyone. Focus on the impact of a certain class of people, which is the purpose of the Internet era.

fans view: God VS friend

in the traditional marketing world, the customer is God, and God will be cautious, interactive softly, to cater to the absolute, must always be "say sorry" to have a "holding in his hands out of fear, fear of abuse in the mouth with integrity.". West view of the teacher to open another door for us, in his opinion, the fans are not God, and their fans are like-minded, like-minded friends, they have a common interest and their own, they contain operators are not perfect, and even can be said to be because all is not perfect, we will together.


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