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for the master, this is a very retarded title, yes, but it is important to understand the people who do not understand.

when you every day in the online search, website optimization, SEO and so on, there will be a lot of optimization, the current popular GOOGLE ranking optimization is done in the left. If your product is a relatively high profit products, is also a popular product, you are of no use in Baidu keyword optimization, because Baidu search results on the left ten and right eight can do the bidding, so the optimization has no effect, you are naturally ranked first to you go to page second. Here is a little more humane GOOGLE, huh, huh, search results are ranked natural rankings. So now a lot of focus on Google ranking.

here you must first Baidu and Google these two search engines to have a general understanding, we all know, Baidu in the domestic market accounted for more than 60%. Google accounts for 27% of the market. Of course, I’m just saying that there is probably no authoritative data.

to analyze the two search engine user groups. The use of Baidu’s age of 70% is more than the group before the age of 28. More than 80% of the use of Google are about the age of the group, and the average person to the age of 30 also has a certain economic strength of the 30.

So in the first

to analyze what you should do before your consumer groups. If you are doing fashion products, such as entrepreneurship, weight loss, flowers, gifts and so on, you go to Baidu search, are full. Ha-ha。 Of course, I have to say the other, if you are a business, or to lose weight such keywords, you in Baidu you is a big skill you can’t do it to the first page, I said here is the natural ranking. So many people will go to consider Google, as long as your level is high, if you can put these keywords in Google to do the first, that is good.

Oh, now spoke a bit off topic, in fact I want to express, no matter what your product, you should analyze the consumer groups, and then analyze the people’s habit of using search engine. How do you decide to promote. No matter what your products will need to promote, no matter what you do, only one purpose is to allow customers to come to us. A lot of companies have done their own web site as long as the phone, that is, your site to do so beautiful, and no one reason you, ha ha. It’s like you engage in a five-star hotel in the deep mountains and forests, no one knows. You hang a square sign that says accommodation in the train, every day full of oh.

So whether you are a good

optimization, or auction, you have only one purpose, is to bring customers, and is mainly through Baidu and Google to find you, if you want to immediately, you can do the bidding. The purpose of optimization is to reduce your bid

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