How to promote new products Seize the opportunity pay attention to rhythm clear goals

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why your enterprises every year to launch new products every year, not as big? Why do you always feel the new promotion? Why is your new promotion to cop-out slowly, soundless and stirless what time the promotion of new products? Just as appropriate? How to grasp the rhythm of the promotion of new products? What new products should be how to promote it? Article I horse share, the diagnosis of several real cases, provides some suggestions.

a new promotion need to seize the opportunity

typical phenomenon: the old product can not sell, and then promote new products.

diagnosis: a lot of local marketing people have "a hundred years" dream inside, not to hate their own products like Coca-Cola as the "hundred year product, but Coca-Cola is just a copy of the" no exception".

specific performance of this idea is to make the product as much as possible to sell a period of time". As a result, when sales decline, they instinctively think is to save the old product, rather than promote new products. In the promotion of promotion policy, the old product sales promotion ", but this is often the last radiance of the setting sun" salesman as a "back to the old is also a child", only the old product is not saved, the clerk and the dealer will be to promote new products. This is a very common phenomenon.

we have to "family" metaphor: a person who want to be a family, when dying, must not wait to go to the children, must have children at the age of twenty or thirty when they retire young and strong, with color so as to grandson, life and growth in nature.

to promote new products as well. New products need to promote the promotion of old products, be sure to sell the old products, it is time to promote new products. When the old product down the road, the new product can replace the old products and timely, so there is no need to use strong policies to save the old product.

, a liquor companies have made such a mistake, they made a mistake. Mode of operation: the new product launch to slow, let the old products sold for a period of time. As a result, when the old product can not be sold, the new product can not be pushed.

The unique phenomenon of "

liquor companies appeared one or two years to drink down a sign", mostly because of the promotion of new products is not timely, "one or two years to drink down a variety of new products, can not keep up, the result became one or two years to drink down a sign". We believe that one or two years to drink a variety is a normal phenomenon, "drink a brand in the past one or two years" is not normal. From normal to abnormal phenomenon, the root cause lies in the timing of new product promotion is not good.

case 1: a liquor company has come in the December season listed a new product, to catch the busy season ending, there is not much volume, then catch up to six months after the Spring Festival season, and no sales. Wait until the second season, because there is no confidence to already had access products are not new, "

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