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1 Android Trojan hijacked administrator privileges can not delete permissions

Beijing on June 7th news, Kabasiji announced that the company has found so far the most sophisticated Android Trojan Backdoor.AndroidOS. Obad.a Android device, once infected with the Trojan horse, will lose the equipment administrator privileges, and could not be infected by administrator permissions to delete.

Kabasiji laboratory expert Roman Houlou Cheik (Roman Unuchek) said, Obad Trojan uses some had never been found Android vulnerabilities, through code confused way to hide a very clever, it is extremely difficult to be found.

, according to Kabasiji introduction, infected Obad Trojan Android device will automatically send text messages to toll number, and download other malicious software to the device. In addition, the Obad Trojan infected Android devices will automatically search for other Bluetooth devices, malicious software will be sent to other devices and remote commands.

Kabasiji said that the company has been using Obad Trojan Android vulnerabilities to inform the Google, the Trojan has not yet been widely disseminated. (Risen)

2 WWDC 2013, a more open iOS 7 to meet developers

WWDC there will be a week to open, on the opening speech on what to launch products, we have been in constant speculation today. Currently, we seem to form a consensus: iOS 7 will debut on WWDC. In fact, as of now, it really is the most at iOS 7. Cook at the D11 conference recently said on the WWDC news release will make developers feel particularly excited.

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3 WeChat full experience: O2O revolution Eve?

The mysterious

WeChat 5 in yesterday suddenly raised a great disturbance, several new features in the @ Qinglong old thief pen shines bright again. T-miao long ago in the Shenzhen Tencent Building next to the coastal city to eat the food stalls, just picked up a iPhone mobile phone, which actually contains the 5 beta version of WeChat. In search of the original owner unsuccessful, t-miao risked his life to explore the actual function of the new WeChat 5 aspects, before officially launched a month in this version, so that the majority of users, developers and operators at. The t-miao can also want to go WeChat each function 5, if you have no which function and operation are more concerned, can in the comments.

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