The electricity supplier training area master teaching chaos after another day of 100 thousand

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this year, and people do not talk about Internet thinking, are embarrassed to open mouth.

grassroots entrepreneurs and traditional business owners are shrouded in anxiety disorders in the Internet, and many look professional, but business experience for training institutions took the opportunity to serve as a mentor, zero doctor’s role in imparting the so-called experience, strategy and coveted trainees pocketbook. Some training institutions even without integrity forged Ma Huateng and other Internet heavyweights of his message, to pull popularity for themselves.

"master" charges 100 thousand

a day

some companies to do the traditional training of the company has taken advantage of the business focus on the electricity supplier training and consulting, because the eyes down the fastest money.


"hot real estate, so the real estate marketing training, micro-blog WeChat electric heat up, and turned around. There are some so-called masters and even no relevant industry background, the left copy, right pick can be packaged into " flicker " course, talk about millet, Huang Taiji has been reported cases of flooding." Nanjing, a training industry on the securities reporter revealed.

, however, the bosses are now learning the fine, not as easy as before". However, because most traditional business owners of the so-called Internet thinking no concept, and fear of being abandoned by the Internet trend, charging or urgent needs, which left a living space for some non formal training institutions.

senior electricity supplier commentators have said that Gong Wenxiang, a friend of his real estate sector, 3 consecutive years to participate in the electricity supplier training, each pay $18000. The so-called master of their training, although the electricity supplier did not do a day, but only rely on the success of the online collection of millet electricity supplier case, actually can speak 3 days and 3 nights".

CEO Zhenwang Lu Wan Qing consulting on the "securities" reporter said, "a well-known writer and celebrity commercial biographers have waded into the water to electricity, high training fees. Of course, the traditional big boss rapt attention, but they also do not understand."

"securities" reporter learned that, some practical experience zero master, 1 days up to 100 thousand electricity supplier training fee.

Ma Yun, Ma Huateng lying gun

insiders told a joke about a so-called electricity supplier pretentiously marketing guru once said, in fact, Ma Huateng in the Tencent is not a person to say, there is a foreigner named pony in charge of the company behind the development. The industry insiders know, pony is the name of Ma Huateng English.

Ma, Ma Huateng and other electricity providers gangster "foil" seems to improve the training level of tall. The "securities" reporter noted that there have been training institutions in the hall posted a large poster with Ma quotations – "today there is no potential for an industry, to see how far it is from the Internet, can really use the Internet thinking remodeling of the enterprise, it could really win the future". Don’t say yes

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