The country’s largest pirated HD portal was sealed 30 employees or detention

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HD Movie Chinese fancier in the way the network can be described as a great reputation, this is known as the largest Chinese Digital HD portal website has been established for 10 years, is the nation’s top Blu ray HD website, which gathered tens of thousands of high-quality Blu ray HD movies, music and games, the number of members is reached more than 140.

, however, the site is also the most famous pirate HD Movie website. After months of investigation, the Beijing cultural law enforcement corps joint police action on the day before, the site of CEO Zhou et al arrested on charges of alleged infringement of intellectual property rights.

> > web formation

To engage in piracy

HD fancier

at the end of last year, the city cultural law enforcement corps received a report, saying that the network may be suspected of a large number of copyright infringement. This site is extremely subtle, only a month after you become a member to download pirated Blu ray HD movies.

after a preliminary investigation, law enforcement officers found that the site is on the surface of a blue light introduced common website, including high-definition movie news and information, but there are a large number of pirated movies and television resources website behind the link HD star forum, HD and Blu ray format, as long as you will be able to download these pirated HD movies.

law enforcement officers learned that the company is responsible for the 45 year old Zhou, graduated from Beijing University of Technology, with a master’s degree, is the IT elite. His idea to network in 2003, and other top websites gradually squeezed out, began to transform the site.

in 2008, he founded the "heart of a company, the affiliated company website started a pirated HD download service. Shortly thereafter, Zhou met departure from Su, he is also IT elite, is also a high fancier two hit it off. Zhou Su hired as technical director, managed the daily matters, other directors include "druid", "4K" and "Muskmelon" and others, these people are responsible for the management of HD fancier, a team of more than and 100 people, daily monitoring and maintenance of the site.

> > development and growth

online at the same time over 30 thousand people per day

pay as long as 50 yuan per month to become a member of the thinking network members, and can download all kinds of Blu ray HD pirated movies. With the business bigger and bigger, the idea of network registration fee membership users reached about 1400000, while more than 30 thousand online users per day. Subsequently, Zhou’s company has started a physical store, the sale of membership activation code, Blu ray player, pirated HD CD, but also in the shop to do business.

according to law enforcement officers found that up to 10 years of operation so that the network of ideas in the field of piracy HD has accumulated a high reputation, a lot of small piracy HD website in order to improve visibility have hung

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