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December 22nd news, according to foreign media reports, the world’s largest BT site Pirate Bay (TPB) two weeks ago by the Swedish police raid, has been in the off state. Until today, the site on the line again, and hung out a pirate flag, that will return.


the world’s largest BT site Pirate Bay is full of blood resurrection

December 9th, the Pirate Bay in Stockholm, Sweden, nuclear-proof data center after the attack, has been in a closed state. Although there are many Pirate Bay cloning sites and Pirate Bay return rumors, but thepiratebay.se domain name has been unable to visit until today.

this morning, the Pirate Bay to upgrade its domain name server domain name registrar, just a few hours ago, the Pirate Bay, the domain name points to a new IP address (, a server connected with Moldova.

although the Pirate Bay only hang out a pair of pirate flags, but recent changes to let users have reason to believe that the Pirate Bay will soon return.

site DNS changes have not been extended to various places, but soon, all users will be able to see the banner of the Pirates of the web page. However, the Pirate Bay is a complete return is still unknown, it is interesting that the leaked pages show that the pirate flag is set by Isohunt.to’s "Open Bay" website as the background.

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